April 27, 2010
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Smash, bang, crash the ATV runs over three more potholes as it comes to a slow creaky stop. We sit there gazing at the giant gap in the earth leading down to water that seemed to never ended. We slowly get of the ATV and walk to get a closer look at the 35 foot drop.

At first it looks like a normal drop though as you get closer it gets bigger. I had already made up my mind that I would jump before saw the jump and good thing because if I hadn’t already promised I would I would have run back to the ATV screaming like a little girl. A couple people went before I even took my shirt off and then was the real pressure. “Hey I’ll go if you go.” My brother’s friend parker said knowing I was afraid of height and knowing that that would make me have to jump.

“Fine I’ll go fifth” I replied trying to act tough yet quivering inside. One jumps and shrieks at the top of her lungs, three more. Another jumps and an even more terrifying scream comes out as she jumps, two more. Then a crazy Australian that we had driven up with does a back flip with no fear, one more. At this point I’m ready to faint, but my brother had already gone and was in line to do it again so if I didn’t do this then he would never let me forget. The final one jumps and makes a giant splash, zero more. As I approached the depth of the water seems to go lower and lower.

“Good Luck.” Parker whispers in my ear knowing that that would freak me out. However I had already decided that I would jump and as soon as you get that close it’s like quick sand it just pulls you closer and closer till you in so I take a step then decide it’s easier if I go faster.

So I jump, and the water seems like it’s one-hundred further down and while in midair I yell “Ohhh crap!” and then splash I smack my arms against the water because I went down in a T position. “Huh huh huh.” I gasped for air as I came up from under the water, but I knew I just conquered my fear and that heights would never restrict me from doing something I want to.

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