In the wrong place at the wrong time

May 1, 2010
By Anonymous

As any bored teenager with a group of friends would do on a Friday night, i went to the movies. Oh yes, the movies, filled with popcorn, soda, games, people, and cavities just waiting to happen.
"Four tickets for How To Train Your Dragon please."
"For the showing at 7:15?"
"Yes sir."
"Alright, there you go, have a nice show."
We grab the tickets and head to the concessions. What to get? What to get ? Hmm, let's go with Mike And Ikes. To the theater we go. But one of my friends decides to leave for her boyfriend. Okay, yeah sure. Go ahead. The rest of the group and I continue to our movie. We get seats on the very top row and get comfortable. BUZZ! My phone is going off. I have a text.
"Come out to the lobby please!"
I do as told and i find the Theresa, the girl that had left. And who is she standing next to might I ask ? Her boyfriend. They coax us outside. And he pulls out a blunt. Full of marijuana.
"Are you kidding me?!" I think to myself.
As i start to walk away, oh no. Here comes the police and the manager.
"HEY YOU! What do you have in your hand there?"
He puts out the blunt and pretends like he has nothing. We are all questioned and we all tell the complete truth. He ends up in juvie. My friends end up not getting in trouble. But me? I get in bunches. My mom doesn't wanna listen when i say i didn't do anything. Because she doesn't believe me. So I'm officially grounded until the end of time. Literally. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong people.

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