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May 1, 2010
I can’t think of the greatest day of my life, but I do remember the worst. It was not too long ago, I’d say about eleven years….yeah that’s not so far back in the past, I think. I was about four years old when this disaster happened to me. It was the darkest day of my life and a day that I will never forget, it was the day I fractured my arm. It may have happened a while ago, but it is still fresh on my mind. It feels as if it all happened yesterday, by the river bank my family and I used to go to back then. It was a beautiful day that was filled with surprises… terrible surprises.

The day was bright and sunny; the birds were humming and singing, until an old man threw a shoe at them and screamed, “SHUT UP YOU STUPID PIGEONS!” At that moment I thought to myself “Okay keep your distances away from that crazy old man…” I didn’t even want to look at him, I felt that if I did he’d give me a dirty look and cast a spell on me. What can I say, I was kid, and my imagination was very distinct and weird at the same time. As I followed my mommy to the picnic table I saw the river and I all I was thinking about was, “I want to get in!” But my mother said no and I can not break the rules, the consequences would get worst. As the time past by, I thought I was never going to jump into the luscious water. My mom yelled at me,” Brigitte la comida esta lista.” That means the food was ready, I was saddened because I truly felt I was never going to get in, for sure. I sat down and devoured my food like there was no tomorrow, but that sadness soon after changed…my grandmother brought ice cream! ” This for you honey.” She said with a smile on her face, I was overjoyed and ate that chocolate flavored ice cream like never before.

After I finished eating and feasting on my ice cream, I looked disgusting. I looked like a chocolate monster; my mom didn’t even want to get close to me. So she decided to let my grandma clean me up, which was the worst mistake that lead to the tragic accident. While we on our way to the water fountain, my grandma was telling me how she had met the presidents of the United States. I always knew there something wrong with that woman, she‘d tell the dumbest, yet funniest stories. One day she said she was married to Elvis and that she was the queen of pop. I looked at her as if she was she was crazy, but I loved her so. While my dear grandmother was wetting the napkin to clean me up, she made up her mind of setting me on top of a trash can and said,” No Te me mauves, okay?” I just nodded, but I silly me didn’t listen to, her at all. For my stupidity and being disobedient, I got a lesson of life that I will always have stuck with me in my memories.

Since I didn’t listen my grandma, I began dancing on top of the trash can. I was shaking my butt, moving my hips, and making facial expressions that made me look as if I were constipated, but no I wasn’t. While I was dancing ridiculously, my foot slid from underneath and the bad luck began. At the moment I fell, everyone was freaking out because when I fell I hit the small concrete wall at the side with my right arm that popped my bone out, I know what your thinking… how stupid! Like I said before, my stupidity got the best of me when I was very small. As I was saying, when I fell I rolled down this huge hill that had a lot of sharp, pointy, and big rocks that pierced my skin every single time I fell on one. One punctured me on my leg that left a big cut, another on my hip, and a couple on my head. Maybe that was what was causing me to black out...Hmmm…don’t know...Oh well! Right when I got to the bottom of the hill, I was hit by a car! No I’m just kidding, do you actually imagine that happen, I wouldn’t be here telling you my tragic story.

As everyone was coming down the hill to see if I was okay, I tried squirming around but couldn’t there was just so much pain! When my grandma came down to see if I was okay, she tried yanking me out and she popped my bone back into place and I screamed my lungs out. Then my mommy came and when she saw the condition I was in, she wanted to eat and choke my grandma at the same time. She yelled at her and we were off to the hospital, the doctor examined me and asked the stupidest question that made donkeys look smart. He asked,” Are you okay? Does this hurt real bad?” I screamed at him back,” YESSS!!!” After that moment I began blacking out and woke up the morning with a cask and some band aids on my face, hip, and leg. The moment I got up, I started running around happy and excited, until… I ran into pole and was knocked out again an hour and a half. Just my luck!

After this day I learned a couple of things: the first thing, never, but I mean never ever dance on top of a trash can. Second, if your grandmother is a little dysfunctional or is crazy don’t let her take of you. Lastly when ever you wake from a an operation or some reason you in the hospital, do not run around like a maniac because you are excited, the consequences are that you might run in to something, for instance a pole. This is truly a day I’ll never forget ever, I will always look back and laugh at it, although there was so much pain and drama.

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