Somthing Is Stirring At the Edge Of The World

April 30, 2010
Something is stirring at the edge of the world!
I heard the big thunderstorm all the way From the basement. I thought to myself,
I am starting to get frightened but ill stay down
Here where it is safe.
Then all of a sudden I heard this
Siren sound blaring outside.
My Mom and dad came downstairs saying;
“There and tornado warning outside and its Coming to Anoka!”
“OK” I said.

As the huge tornado came from the
Northwest, tearing down tree after tree. It went from North Dakota to Wisconsin
It went on and on till midnight! You could see the lightning Bolts in the sky. “
On and off, On and off” the lightning bolt god said.
“DESTROY DESTROY” said the Tornado.
I saw the lightning bolts in the sky as it reminded me of the
Strong light of the world, the sun.

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