April 9, 2010
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Could life really be but a dream? Or a dream be but a life? I looked into your eyes of jade and the unimaginable happened. Something I thought to be beyond the bounds of possibility. I took a step into Forever. For a split second I knew what it was like to feel absolute terror and releif, to trek the arctic tundra and have the summery sun to warm me by, to have everything and nothing. I was witness to what we've come to know as phenomenons. The winds then shouldered me to the mountaintops. I looked down upon the abundance of this world. I was welcomed with open arms and upward palms. As the kings and cheifs and eyeful women of charm made their advances, suddenly the pang of reality was upon me. To live in a castle in the air is not a life at all... Your eyes have opened me up, peered into my darkest corridors, and have found my underlying melody. As the captivating effects of your eyes begin to hush, I begin to ponder this flash of an eternity. Before I am forever conquered, a soft and quiet hand comes to brush my face with a tender touch. Cue the curtains. I hear the graceful hum of the Sunday choir, and I'm stricken with revelation. Sound the bells. My Forever, Ode to Joy. It is you I have sought. Caress me so, you have found my tender spot.

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