My First Real Boyfriend

April 15, 2010
By Anonymous

When I first had a boyfriend. I was head over heels for this guy. His name was Dominic, but were not together anymore. It all started July 20, 2006. In the beginning we were just friends. He caught my eyes on PFG it’s an old site where people can chat and communicate. We’ve been talking for a few months and getting to just be friends. I knew he had a girlfriend because he talks about her all the time. Then, It turned out that later in a few weeks he hasn’t been on. I was wondering why and asking myself “ Is the girlfriend holding him on a tight rope? “ Honestly, I don’t know why I was so curious. I just couldn’t stop thinking of him all that night. Later late that night, he was online. I talked with him and he told me that his girlfriend cheated on him! So, he broke it off but he was heart broken. I felt so bad hearing that. As, a friend I wanted to make him smile. He told me that his girlfriend thought he was cheating on her, but obviously she thought wrong. Dominic and I were just simply friends. A few weeks passed as we got to know one another it got stronger. I couldn’t help wanting more. I had a strong feeling growing. I couldn’t let him go now. I never knew I’d have the feeling of falling for someone so quickly. Surprisingly, he told me he was starting to like me. It was kind of weird because we haven’t met in person. As weeks went by I really started to like him a lot. It been almost 4 months and were still talking on the computer. No webcam, no meeting out, nothing, but chatting online. Later, he asked me what was my number. I gave it to him and I received his. I was so happy that I couldn’t stop jumping up and down screaming his name. The next day after that, he called me up! I was so nervous, but we ended up talking. We talked more about different subjects than what we usually talk about. Before we almost ended the conversation he asked me if, I’d be his girlfriend. I was speechless and felt like I was on a spinning wheel that wouldn’t end. I hesitated for a moment. I answered, “Yes.” He was glad to hear what he was expecting all along. Then, he had to go to bed, we had ended the conversation. The next morning my friends Anikka, Esperanza, Chanel and Victoria called me up inviting me to the movies. Of course, I gave them the great news I had from last night. They were all freaked out to hear about it. They were also happy for me since, I’ve told them about Dominic. That’s were it all started. My friends and I were at the movies inside lining up to by some snacks while, watching the movie. One of my friends asked about how Dominic looked from his photos and I told them. They told me they saw him right across us. I freaked out and I hide behind my friends. One of my friends went up to him and gave him a photo of me I was going crazy. I was too nervous to see him, but he saw me. I would of went up to him, but I had that gut feeling inside. That night he called me up. We ended up talking about today. I was happy to hear his voice at least. I was thankful he excused my behavior. The conversation went on and he asked me to go to Onward one of the places where you swim. I said, yes, but I had to bring my friends along with me. He brought his cousin Jose. I was glad to go that day. I was so nervous and I hanged out with him in the pool. We had our little time together. We talked and finally met with one another close upfront. Before I left home I kissed him goodnight. Well, the story goes on, but sadly for a year and six months he left me for another girl. Lets just say I had a really hard time pulling myself together. I do admit I have feelings left inside missing him, but I always try and forget about it. He’s moved on and as should I. The question I always asked to myself every night is “ Was I good enough? “ I still have dreams about him even when I don’t think of him, but honestly I miss those times and still think of it. I just wonder everyday from that time that very question. We took our separate ways. He has a girlfriend and I need to move on. I just liked him when I really thought about it. I mean, true love isn’t just the words “ I love you. “ Theres something more to the meaning and I don’t think he had it for me. I’ll still be waiting for that special someone who can show me the true meaning, but I’m just thankful he was my first. He taught me more about the mistakes I did. Time to time I miss him, then it fades away. I’m just letting go little by little. Forgetting the past. It’s a lesson learned.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by myself and the feelings uring itself out.

I hope people will learn to move on even if it was once a fairy tale turned into a horrible ending.

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