the heart

April 12, 2010
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Your heart is like a toy box. You know one of those ones with a plastic window so you can see inside. Your heart comes in a brand new, undented, untorn, perfect box. It can see all that happens. As you grow the box starts to fade, and little tears form as you see the people you love argue and fight. Then boys come into your life. They just rip the box off and start to play. Not thinking, or probably not caring that is has to be treated with care. The heart, although fragile, has the magic of fixing itself. That's what makes it so special. It has the power to forgive the wrong that has been done. It does not have the power to forget, so it will always remember. It also can not ever be brand new in an untouched, undented, untorn box again. But that's the beauty, as you grow, you realize you don’t need the box. The heart grows stronger. It is able to fight and pick between right and wrong. The heart is also very smart because from day one it has been learning. It has learned that even though love can be painful it hasn’t deterred anybody. Since it has the power to fix itself, it continues to live, continues to get hurt and sometimes broken. But when broken you don’t repair it with Elmers glue, you repair it with time. Over time it heals, and now smarter, it is ready to go out and play again. The heart is the greatest beauty in life, able to undertake any situation no matter how hard, with a grace and elegance rarely seen anywhere else.

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