April 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Almost every adult and child has gotten an injury before. It could have been a paper cut or a broken bone. Most of the time you don’t even notice when you get cuts or bruises, while sometimes you do notice. When you break a bone you don’t feel it first because of the shock your body goes into and you don’t notice you broke a bone until your mind believes it.
“Look out, here I come!” I scream across the pool to my mom and friends. It was a warm, sunny day great for swimming in the brilliant crystal pool. We had just gotten the last tile on around the bench. My mom and I were playing Marco polo in the pool with my friends. I was Marco; we weren’t allowed to have goggles so no one was tempted to cheat. I thought I was pretty close to someone or something. I heard noises underwater and felt water being blown at me so I started swimming faster and faster not knowing where I was. I was just about to reach out and grab someone when SMACK! I smashed right into the bench and I felt something crack in my nose. I swam up and sat on the bench looking at a sea of red. I couldn’t feel anything, move or talk. All I heard was everyone scream and swim over to where I was. My mom was looking at me and kept asking me if I was okay. I couldn’t figure out why everyone was asking me if I was okay. Finally after a good five minutes of not moving or feeling anything I realized I had broken my nose. This second I realized it I began crying and screaming because it hurt so badly. We all got dressed and went to the ER to see what we could do for my nose.
It’s funny how our brains are wired not to feel anything at first until after it happens. We all get hurt at some point in our life whether it be a paper cut or a broken bone.

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