To Late

April 23, 2010
By breezybabe16 BRONZE, Snellville, Georgia
breezybabe16 BRONZE, Snellville, Georgia
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LIfe is unexpected,Live everyday like theres no tommorow..

The first time I saw you I wanted to say I love you right away.I knew I couldnt because we barely knew eachother.To me it was love at first site but to you I dont know what you thought.Was I just another girl strolling down the lane or was I the one.You always hear in love songs that they end like fairy tales.Was it about to happen to me.A real fairy tale??Or was I dreaming and hoping for something that wasnt going to happen the way I wanted it to happen.The day I first meet my dream guy I never knew my dream guy would also be my dream crusher.He would ruin all my dreams of someone caring and loving me.That day I put my all on the line.He asked me out and I said yes.Never thinking of the afterwards only of what was happening right now.I knew deep down inside my heart we should of started out being close friends but instead we jumped into things.I was so into it I never thought of what was right in front my eyes.Right in front my eyes was hurt and pain.He would be the reason I start hurting myself.I learned that he would be the reason I wish death upon myself.On that one day I learned a whole life lesson.Pain comes in all shapes and sizes.Love is just a word.Trust leaves when you find out the truth.Truth is gone once he lies.Finally you learn never to trust,love or belive anything he says again.He comes back everytime he leaves beacause he relizes he lost something good.The only problem is its to late.Im over him hurting and lieing to me.Thats when I finally relized he was to late.I was pass the drama,hurt,broken promises and lies.Tired of him lieing to my face and to my friends.Just tired of it all.That day I let him go right when I let him in.It was the hardest day of my life but it made me stronger.Now im stronger and moved on to someone thats special to me.His my bestfriend and I know our friendship is strong unlike this horrible relationship I just went through.Love,Live and trust.I know im always going be there and I know who I am.I hope he finds out who he is.Then maybe he find out who he really loves.

The author's comments:
My x boyfriend inspired me the most.All the hurt he put me through I thought I put it in words.

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