God's flower

April 23, 2010
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"Ok, I'll speak to you when you get better" I said and Hung up the phone. My best friend Rune was sick and on the hospital. He just coloured his hair from when he was visiting family in Japan. It was bright pink right now and he wanted to show me. But I was living in Sweden and he was studying in Canada. I knew he was sick but in the back of my head I thought "He'll be alright".

I met him when I was 12 and he was 22 at that time. We started hang out and I came to him when I was sad and when I didn't have anywhere else to turn. He used to say "I'm your brother from another mother". And then He laughed.
He taught me to listen to his type of music and he taught me how to love. My best friend in the whole world. My savior and my soulmate. So many laught and so many tears I've shared with him.

The 21th August 2009 2.09 Am I got a phonecall. "Hello, It's Kuu" I said. I heard a woman cry in the other end. I looked at the number again and I saw It was Rune's number! "Who is this?!" I said. But the woman in the other end continued crying. "Do you know how expencive it is to call to Sweden?" I heard a man's voice from a distance. It was Runes dad.
"Hello" He said. I was shocked. It was Ichiko, Runes mother, that was crying in the phone. "W-what have happend?" I said. "Rune has left us" He sighed. My heart stopped. What? It couldn't be true! "You must be joking" I cried. "Please say you're joking!"
My tears where falling down and I couldn't breath. I felt like screaming. "It's no fun! It's no fun! Stop it!" I shouted in the phone. "No" He said and I could hear his voice was shaking. "I wish I could."

My life fell apart. Everything was falling apart. Nothing was the same again. Half my life disapeared. I met him 5th May 2007 and lost him 21th August 2009.

Please Rune if you can see this. I miss you so much I don't know what to do. I'm not whole whitout you. I'm just half.

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