ocean eyes & dancing

April 22, 2010
By liveitlikekells BRONZE, Margaretville, New York
liveitlikekells BRONZE, Margaretville, New York
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It was a sixth to eigth grade dance that the National Junior Honor society was hosting, which would be me, a freshman. There had been one other dance we had done and it was a real hit. Everyone was dancing freely and not caring what other people thought of them. To be honest, no one really had time to think because they were all on the dance floor. That's one of the perks about being younger; not caring. However, for this dance, it was different.
He was there , even though he's a freshman and he's not in the society. I think someone invited him to come along and dance, which might I add, he was very, very, good at . The whole time at the dance, I wasn't acknowledging that he was there, as it would have probably made things slightly awkward for the both of us. So, we both kept to ourselves , and danced in our own groups until the slow song came on, and i got that feeling that i'm never, ever wrong about.
It was "collide" by howie day that was playing at the moment. One of my girlfriends pulled me along and we were in the center of the dancefloor, dancing hand in hand, as we were dateless, but we were trying to create the party as well. I remember that it was exactly a few seconds before the middle of the song, when him & a friend came near us. His friend grabbed my girlfriend, and he approached me.
I really only remember my heart beating so fast , it would have jumped out of my chest if it could. I also remember almost melting when he swiftly lifted my hands around his neck and put his own hands softly on my waist. We swayed back and forth, listening to the song, looking at eachother. we were so close to eachother. We talked about the rowboat we have jokingly been talking about going out on and we talked about how we should hang out sometime out of school.
I wasn't really paying attention all that much, as i was too preoccupied staring at his eyes. They're beautiful ; the color of the ocean. I swear the ocean is in eyes , they're that similar and may i add that i love the ocean. I also concentrated on his half smile, and how his teeth were perfectly straight after he got his braces off. He would smile at me as well, focusing on my eyes, then on my lips, and back again. I wasn't really sure why he would be doing that, I mean i'm nothing special. I have the eyes of dirt and the most awkward hair color in the world. Maybe he finds that attractive somehow..
Anyway, the song was coming to an end, and that's when he started to come closer to me, leaning in so i could smell the scent of him that lingered in the air between us. I swear i felt everyone watching, and I wasn't sure what to think. I wanted to kiss him, i'm pretty sure he was going to kiss me too. Except, that's when we got interrupted by my friends, pulling me away to dance to the next song, separating him and I for the rest of the night.
I'm a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. And maybe there's a reason for why he and i never get the chance to be together. However, there's a reason why i have his bracelet on my wrist at this very moment . =)

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