Ouiji Board

April 20, 2010
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Twilight had struck the sky with a warm, yet inky color. Like every other weekend, me and a few of my friends get together for a sleepover. Since a new girl arrived at our school earlier last month, we invited her too.
What a horrid mistake. You see, her family doesn't follow the usuall religions. She's into witch-craft and spells! I wish I was joking, however I'm not.
You're still reading? You can back out before we really dive into it! Alright, but don't say I never gave you the heads up for a run-for-it call!

I arrived at the house with my sleeping bag in one hand, and my PJs in the other. Knock! Knock! She appeared, in the doorway with the casual smile.
"Hi Alia!" Leah greeted in the doorway. She stepped aside and let me through.
Everyone was here, Jamie, Madison, Laina, and the new girl; Alisha.
We had dinner, gossiped, talked about school, and our summer plans. Leah took out Operation and we played until the buzzing noise from touching the metal on the cartoon body got annoying.

We went into Leah's room, gripping our teddies to our chests, and locked the door. Snap!
"What do you guys wanna do?" asked Jamie in her persausive voice. I knew she wanted to probably play another board game. That's when Alisha stepped in and said, "I brought a game from home we can play!" she pulled off the plastic cover that revealed a thin-cut cardboard square that had in dark red handwriting "Ouiji"!
Madison's knees buckled and shaked. I starred at her and mouthed the words "What?"
Alisha held up the gameboard into full view.
"This is the Ouiji board!" she said in a taunting tone. "Basically we all put two fingers on this..." she then showed us a black piece of plastic in the shape of Spade.
She then slapped it down on the board! "Put two fingers, and we call upon a spirit to talk to!" her emerald eyes looked around, searching for fear. I just huffed at her.
"Shut up, Alisha! I know you're into this stuff, but why scare us with this baloney! I don't buy it!" I said to her, crossing my arms tightly.
"Whats wrong? Scared?" Madison laughed covering her mouth. "Mhm! Who's knees are shaking?" I smiled, as she clutched her knees to stop the shaking.
"Lets play! It's either this or we watch Grease," Laina said with a spark of excitment.
We all agreed to play.

Alisha lit candles and turned out the lights. Perfect atmosphere...if this were a horror film!
She put the board down, facing her. Then put the black spade in the middle. We then placed our two fingers each on it. "Ouiji..." Alisha whispered under her breath.
I closed my eyes and felt it! It was moving! I opened my eyes, to see this plastic spade moving to the letters on the board! "Stop moving it!" Madison said to me in a fierce voice. I wasn't moving it, I swear...
"You stop!" we darted our harsh comments at each other back and forth! But to be honest, I don't think anyone was moving it!
"What is your name spirit?" Alisha asked, then it moved.
"E..M..I..L..Y." we followed the letters that spelled out 'Emily'! No, this is unreal!
"Emily who?" Alisha asked again, now it sounds like commands!
"L..O..R..R..E..L." My heart suddenly felt like it was in my throat!
Emily Lorrel! Our old friend, she died last year! Of a unthinkable car crash! Impossible! Sham! Rigged!
"Emily Lorrel, what do you have to say?" Alisha kept still at this part.
Then before it finished Madison got up. "Im not playing this anymore!" she shouted at Alisha.
"Stop yelling! You'll wake my parents!" Leah smacked madison's arm lightly.
"Then stop acting like you don't k ow who Emily Lorrel is then! Our friend!" Madison sat next to me, and I hugged her.
"I don't want to play either! You moved it Alisha!" I held Madison and glared at Alisha.
"Listen you scared loser! I didn't--" her voice broke off as we heard the plastic spade moving.. On it's own!
"Stop it, you're so immature!" I threw my pillow at her side.
Leah watched the board take control, spelling a sentence..
"Alisha.Is.Ouiji." Leah said aloud, then the sentence stopped. We all starred at her. And screamed!!
That night I couldn't sleep.

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