April 1, 2010
There are many ways he looks at people. You can see it in his eyes. He gives off a different look for everyone. One for every mood he is in, one for each friend or family member, one for wrestling, one for every coach, and many for me. When he is in a bad mood you will see it in his eyes. He looks drained, and very irritable. His eyes look angry and fierce. When he is in a good mood his eyes are open wide with excitement. He looks calm and relaxed. When he looks at his good friends you can see in his eyes that he is where he wants to be. You can feel the ecstatic in his eyes. The child wanting to come out and play. When he is around his family he looks at them in a sort of dull way. Unfocused and bored many times. Yet in important times you can see the attention and his eyes focusing on a conversation. Appreciation and maturity is also seen in family conversations, and remembering old memories. During wrestling you can see the concentration in his eyes. You see the anger towards his opponent. You see the look in his eyes when he’s walking, giving his opponent the stare-down. He looks like a different person when its time to wrestle. There is nothing that can get in the way. When he is talking to a coach, someone he really looks up to, he is an attentive. His ADD works for the good. He focuses without any distractions. He looks at them with respect and interest. For me however, I don’t just get one look. I get many looks from him. Weather it’s a happy look, comforting look, loving look, disappointed look, caring look, or a confused look. The list goes on and on. On a warm summer day walking through the park, hand in hand, his glance over at me makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. It gives me back those old butterflies from the beginning. You can see in his eyes the warm sense of happiness. On other occasions, when things go wrong, the tears fill his eyes with a sense either defeat, worried-ness, remembrance of a friend, or sickness, a somewhat uncomfortable look for him to show. But you will see happiness and you will see unhappiness, that’s just the way it is. There are so many emotions; you’re not always able to see. But we have all felt them. We all understand them. Weather we are embarrassed about them or not, they are no surprise to read about.

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