Never Forgotten Friend

March 31, 2010
By VeeVee96 BRONZE, New York, New York
VeeVee96 BRONZE, New York, New York
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When i was in thrid grade i met this wonderful girl name Alissa. She was the best friend I always wished for. We did everything together we played had fun enjoyed are childhood together, she felt like a sister to me. other people were jelous of our friendship and tried to break us apart. But our friendship was to strong for that. i remeber one heart breaking day when Alissa said she needed to talk to me.She said "Valencia my mom has a new bf and if she says yes when he ask her to marry him they will get married and I would have to move." I was so sad, but "maybe she wouldnt say yes" i told her.Alissa said "she is in love with him."that was very selfish for me to say thinking back on it. we bought each other goodbye.I bought her this silver necklace i cherished since i was a little girl. And she gave me this handmade braclet she made. After a few days later i didnt see her for about two months.I was sad that i didnt get to say good bye to her. Then one hot summer day when the class was calming down after playing outside,Alissa just walked in. She said a few words to our teacher.Then she walked to me and gave me a hug and she said "I will miss you valencia my best friend." she handed me a note it said "cherish the good times and dont ever forget me." A tear flew down my face as i watch her walk out the class.That was the last time i would ever see my dear friend Alissa. I will never forget her and i know she didnt forget about me. I still have the braclet she made me.That is what i call a true friend. Maybe one day we will meet again.

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