even when ur right ur wrong.

April 17, 2010
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hey. this is a time i forgot somthing. somthing very important. i forgot i cant hit girls. it happend on a day very mutch like today (summer) my awful family was commimg to visit as the do every summer. i realy hate my cousin, juile ever sence i was little she was the trubble maker always making me so unbelivably angrey but she had a ace in the hole her gender. she is a 'female' and like the rule goes, u cant hit girls. so back to the story i was horse playing with my older borther when (just to get me pissed off) juile saw an oppertunity to make me agrivated once again. she went and got a wet,dirty,smelly spunge saturated with dirty dish water and when up to me wile on the ground ringed it out on my face. i had absolutly lost it i forgot everyting all i knew was that iv had it. i,some how twisted my body out of the hole my brother had me in and lifted my self up with my arms. and kicked her in her chest. in that fraction of a second i knew that i had opened pandoras box and it wasent ever going to close. time slowed down as i watched her chest fly backwards and her body lunge fowards. she rolled back with sutch force she had smashed through the sliding glass door. she blacked out. as i picked myself up my aunt who was at the moment sitting by the table screamed and was curseing at me.ever been called a monster. its not a good felling when everybody is against you. at me and rushed her to the hospitel. she had a few broken/fractured ribs and a brused skull. as i explained my self to my father my aunt was explaining it to my mom. propaganda style. she ate it up. and of corse my mom told my dad who had belived it as simply as my mom did. i was 'forced' to go in the room and say sorry for doing somthing i should have done a long time ago. so as i walked in prepared to lie through my teeth and did just that. in a sarcastic voice of corse. so insted of her getting what she deserved for making most of my summer a living hell she, insted got awarded and pampered for what happend and my name was forever hated by my so called 'family' except the olny person not possed by the devil my cousin percilla she belived me. so thats my story for today if u like it say so in teen ink. thanks and have a good day.

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