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April 15, 2010
By Comatoselove BRONZE, Yorktown, Virginia
Comatoselove BRONZE, Yorktown, Virginia
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9:21 July 23, 2009
It started with the dart board. There were dart holes all around the dart board. My dad asked me and my brother who did this. My brother says both of us. My father then starts to yell and give the usual speech about him living on his own. He believes that I am a confused teen. He blames me along with my brother for the mess in the house, mainly the living room. I hate it. How can I get yelled at for the mess in the living room, if I’m stationed in my own room? My father doesn’t want me to have my bottle collection I worked so hard for. All he wants is for me and my brother to do is clean up the place and keeps it clean. My father hasn’t changed his ways. It makes me angry that he said “go to your room and cry like a girl”. It angers me that he mocks me in that line of attack. What he doesn’t and will never be able to know is; it’s better than me yelling and getting the police involved. Oh, I would love to have my father arrested and sent to prison. My life would be so much easier. He also says that my life is easy. In reality, it’s not easy. To compliment this whole thing, he even brought up the he use to live on his own, and his parent left him. I never had that happened to me, and things were a lot easier for kids my age to live on their own. In today’s society, we teens don’t have that pleasure. I know what I’m going to do for my future. I cannot wait to leave my family behind me and move on in my life. I live a current simple life and simple motion. I hate my family. Inside, deep inside of me is the demon. This demon wants to be free. I can feel it. When I am sad or when I am angry I can feel the demon. It only takes a single sentence or snap to let the demon free.

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Well, I kept a log of the things that happened to prove my father broke his promise to me. He promised to be nice and more supportive, but he only continued to treate me like crap. make me depressed, and emotionally abuse me.

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