People Can Be Very Hypocritical

April 15, 2010
By Mariah Hassell BRONZE, Naples, Florida
Mariah Hassell BRONZE, Naples, Florida
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Have you ever said something bad about someone behind their back? Most people have at one time or another. Some people are hypocrites and they don’t even realize it. A person’s actions in addition to what is being said can be viewed as hypocritical. Sometimes a person claims to have certain beliefs or act a certain way, but their actions and things they say contradict who they claim to be. I have a friend that is very religious, but yet she does things that are against the religious beliefs of her church. Just like when friends act like they could be trusted and then they turn around and say something negative behind their back. People should think before they speak because it ALWAYS backfires.
Some people talk negatively about other people behind their backs because they like to cause conflicts with other people. When that person talks about a friend, they should know that it will eventually get back to that person. Sometimes the person might just think that they look tough or cool by talking bad about their friends behind their backs. Once this is done, their friends cannot trust them anymore because they never know when they’re going to talk about them again.
Jealousy can cause someone to talk about someone else, even a friend. When someone gets jealous, they try to find bad things about that person to make themselves look better. Once these negative things are said, it eventually gets back to them. The person acts like nothing is wrong and they will usually deny saying anything bad about them. So with that being said, you shouldn’t say anything bad about someone out of jealousy.
If someone starts talking about someone else then that person will turn right around and talk about that person. For example, when someone says that they like their friend’s outfit or new hair cut, then they say contradictory remarks about it behind their back. This will definitely cause conflicts between friends. This situation will keep going on and on until someone gives in and finally decides to apologize. When that happens, their friends start to get involved and take sides, which can blow things way out of proportion. If someone says something negative about you, hopefully you can be the bigger person and not say anything at all. Just let it go and hope that it stops.
Another good example of a hypocrite is when someone says that you could trust them with your secrets then they go off and tell someone else your secrets. It is true that sometimes things just slip out and they say something on accident. However, someone may not intentionally mean to hurt someone else, but that person really needs to think before they speak. A solution to this is whenever you have a problem with someone you should just go up and talk to that person and try to work it out, instead of talking about them behind their backs.
When someone talks about other people behind their backs, they end up losing they’re friends. Once their friends hear that person talking about another friend, they’re probably going to start to wonder if that person is talking about them also. They won’t be able to trust that person anymore. After that happens, that person won’t have any more friends. I have been in this type of situation before. One of my best friends was saying a lot of negative things about me behind my back. Of course, my friends and other people told me about what was being said. So, I confronted her to ask her if everything people were saying was true. Once she found out that other people told me, she started talking bad about them. In the end, she lost all of her friends because she could not be trusted. The second half of the school year, she had barely anybody to hang out with. At lunch, she wouldn’t have anyone to sit with, so she ate her lunch in the bathroom.
As you can see, people can be very hypocritical. No one ever wants to be viewed as a hypocrite. A person’s actions and things they say can easily label them as a hypocrite. No one likes people to talk about them behind their back. I’m sure you’ve heard your parents say this before, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

The author's comments:
I have experienced hypocrites in the past and I wanted to write about some of my experiences.

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