Hoping For You

April 8, 2010
By Kat159589 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Kat159589 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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"If you believe in music, you believe in love."

My mind goes blank as I see him walk down the hallway. I was so focused on him; I couldn’t remember what happened or was said just seconds ago. I’m not able to think correctly as I mindlessly follow my usual routine. I still stare at him while walking up the stairs. While I gather my things for the day, I barely hear people greeting me. I walk with my friend to class and see him pass by. I’m hypnotized and barely watching where I am heading. During class, somewhere deep inside I am wishing to be around him. Then, I remember about the two classes that I have with him. He is always on my mind. I doubt that anything can distract me from thinking about him. The next class goes by slowly, torturing me every minute. As I head to one of my least favorite classes I let a smile show as I glance in his direction. He follows behind me to our class. After he comes into the room he says, “Hi” to me. I want to respond but when I try to speak no sound comes out. I’m breathless and speechless. I try my best not to focus all my attention on him. In the next class with him it isn’t such an easy thing to do. When I am trying to concentrate on my work he does something funny that makes me laugh so I stop and stare. Sometimes I think I catch his eye. Can he see that I am looking for some sign of hope in his eyes? He probably doesn’t realize that he makes my heart stop whenever he comes around. The rest of the day goes by slowly once again. He is always on my mind no matter what. After school it’s like I am still under his spell. When I write poems it’s about him most of the time. When I am writing and singing love songs, it’s him that is on my mind. Playing my guitar reminds me of his sweet sensitive side. Is there anything involving love that doesn’t remind me of him? Every night, I go to sleep hoping that he feels the same way about me as I feel about him.

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