Life in natrure and nature in life

April 7, 2010
By albert BRONZE, Long Beach, California
albert BRONZE, Long Beach, California
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I stare off into space and think about life. I wonder about the trees that live in the forest. I also think of the animals in the wild, even about us. The thing I wonder about is why life is what it is, and doses the things it doses in its specific way. Life seems to follow rules, yet is more like laws.

We all are ruled by them and are connected by them at the same time. There are three of them which I believe there are. The first law is about life :( all things are born into this world as well as give birth to other life). The second is death :( all things that are born will die). It may sound sad but that is another step in life as it gets old, even if its cut short by some one or some thing its still a step that ever thing takes. Finally the last is more or less about the truth of our feelings that we share :( all things that are born and all things that die will feel true happiness, true joy, and true pain).

I think and feel that these laws apart of nature which is connected to life read about my laws of nature & life. MY first law, all things are born into this world and grow, as well as give birth to other life. From a seed in a forest that falls from its parent an apple tree, the seed will grow into an apple tree. The parent may want a pear tree but it’ll grow into an apple tree like its father and grow from its mother the dirt. The father may choose to place his seed anywhere in mother earth.

Even though he still has to push back a few branches for the suns rays and the sweet fall of the rain to fall on the seed. The sun is the father’s love that he shines on the seed the rain is the food and care that he rains on the seed. The mother holds the seed close to her breast when it sprouts but now it’s, inside her womb and gives what she has to the seed. The seed will sprout in time and the father will place a shadow of itself over the seed, for it to grow into after its father. Still stuck to the ground, the sprout will place its roots tightly to the ground so it won’t be cared off by the powerful winds that blow.

The mother will also be there to hold up its beautiful sprout above her. Even if the weather changes from a clear day of clear white clouds. To a dark filled sky with lightning, blotting through the clouds. It may symbolize the storm of words in battle between your mother and father in action. When the sky clears and there are still are a few dark clouds in the sky, the effects are now visible in your eyes.

The sprout looks at the once rich green, now with patches of brunt grass on its mother’s skin. Now the sprout gazes at the father that once was tall with long branches filled with dark green leafs. Now with a long scar across its side and his torn off and swept upped by the winds gust. Half his branches are bare with a few leafs still clinging on its father. The sprout is shacking to its core down to its rooted feet.
Yet soon it feels the touch of its mother holding tight to its child, like she always dose. As the sprout grows older and taller it sees things closer to him that where out of its reach, when he was still clinging to its mother’s chest. Its parents place their ideas, hopes, dreams and their knowledge in their now grown apple tree. On the other hand that’s not the other thing that they’ve placed in their child. They’ve placed their pain and hate for each other in their now grown apple tree.

The grown apple tree looks likes its father with a sprinkle of its mother here and there. However the environment that it grows upped in has changed its mind and views on his parents to love and hate. That would battle so often at each other in front of it as a sprout, hate for the battles and love for the care of it so long ago. The tree sees the world beyond its parents and fellow sprouts that it grows upped with. This apple tree now searches where to plant its seed in the earth beneath it and to see which bundle of soil would be a fitting mother to raise its seed.

As the one that was scared of its parents battles, it searches for a mother who seen what its seen and feels what it feels to never fight and care for each other and their child. The apple tree is a father and the soil is the mother, and both are ready to make no mistake in raising their child. Now inside its mother’s womb and the once a small sprout, once a lone apple tree, is now a father eager to see his son rise and grow from the ground. This is law one that life grows and gives life to another, it’s so beautiful to witness the birth of life and watch it grow. But the second law takes life away.


My second law, all things that are born will die. Death has many faces which are war (and murder), disease, and natural death. War is unavoidable between people; and along the span of time where is people have lived there have been fighting and killing; war has many reasons to be. War is a name where is everyone knows as well as an event that has always lead to massive amounts of death and destruction. War has many causes to which calls for fighting in battles of armed men.

Solders kill one other on the battle fields of foreign or native countries over, race, religion, and power control, all of whom begin not always the same. But for some in their eyes it’ll start in waken day where a mailed letter arrives at the door where the seal of their warring countries directs them to fight in its battle. Some in list to serve their country honorably, a duty that’ll carry to life’s ending day in them, and for the great numbered it’ll come sooner than thought it will. Parents abandon the children of their flesh of the wishes of their young, for it brings that thought of death at hands that will shower bullets at their heads and body. Most not as near out of high school that appear, but it is a long time or even two years that they’ve been in a book filled room with 30rd desks and teachers.

Months go by with yells by instructors in colored green of military men in uniform. Solders are drafted into wars where they kill many people who are enemies in the eyes of their countries. As a solder of war they see things that terrify their dreams and try hard to get rid of them so, but that’s something no one can get off their minds. In the days of foreign travels seen only is desert sands and dirt drown of a country that is all a hell. Each one run when ringing screams of riffles are heard barking at their flanks to die at another’s will. Standing over dead men of same suited color and those in other garments of enemy rank, battle fields is a place where solders die and kill, many hands are weighed down by the thing that protects them and fights along side with.

Humans are weapons of war and death, all things die and can’t stop it because it’s in human nature to fight as well as kill one another, and is simple but when history prolongs its self; we get smarter and get more easily in making tools to kill. It’s seems that humans are afraid of one another that they built weapons to protect them and their nations. These weapons are had evolved from simple knifes to guns and bombs (and poison gas) to kill one other from close or afar distance with missile rockets that rip through sound. Yet murder is able to exist off these fields, murder is used by us, to protect one other and to seek vengeance and justice. People kill out love and out of pain, and out hate.

War is at the forefront of death but it is us who build an easier trail for it, humanity has a firm grasp with technology in one hand, and science in the other. That sometimes we are blind to what we create and study. Science is a chisel and technology is the hammer that pushes the chisel forward. In this we study the earth’s surface and beyond it. Studied diseases have been cured; also have been made in error.

Knowingly and unknowingly man has made diseases for an effort that will strike at life. Because of human nature to defend its existence, diseases have been made stronger and used as weapons in an effort to do so, and sooner or later well all die and along with the world we’ve created for ourselves. But who knows when will it arrive at the door of life’s body? For those who have grown too old for this world and their bodies grow too old to hold them in, that’s when death comes to claim them. Our lives can be lengthening by medicines and machines that we’ve built to help us live longer than our live filled means, but still no matter what it comes.

Natural death also is when were born with a genetic disorder where our internal organs fail and brake down, this leads to death. Also the weather of stormy event’s of black clouds torn with lighting hurling down at houses and people. Speeding clouds in high tornado whirls with moving dauber caught in its’ vacuum gravity. Quakes’ shifting the land pushes each thing to its knees, each wind, each storm, and each forsaken emotion of Mother Nature can kill us. Were born of the flesh and life rules the flesh, and when death rules the body the bones become exposed and then were buried in the dirt were all life rest when it dies, tombs made out of wood and dirt will blanket over us before time erodes our resting place and we’ll return completely to the earth.


The final third law, all things that is born into this world and all things that die, well feel true happiness, true joy, and true pain. There are many causes for these truths but the effect is the same a feeling, a smile, and tears. The strongest emotion that leads to them is love. I asked myself do animals feel and I begin to think so. Looking at the closes animals to us, the apes, monkeys, and the gorillas and I become sure.

Their children play and they are happy while they do it. They morn over the death of loved ones, just like us, whom we have shared its scorn. They don’t speak to us, maybe because they can’t or won’t speak to us, for us to tell if they feel. I know they feel on how they act, tears fall from they’re eyes just like mines. That tells me they feel.

I feel true pain as well as cry out tears of pain and I know that it’s real. All people cry when their in pain and smile when were joyful, and we feel happiness. Love is a powerful emotion that gives the truths. For when a, man falls in love with a woman, and she loves him that’s happiness in love. This love grows to be true happiness when both get married and have a child latter wither or not if it’s plan or worked out in its way.

Joy can be found when a mother stares at her children at play, playing with each other and their father. She hears them laughing and giggling with out a care. In their faces she sees her smile and their father’s eyes on them. This brings a smile to her faces, and this is true joy in happiness. Love gives us many things in this world, but pain is when ever things are taken away.

Pain is caused when love is lost, and when happiness is replaced by hate, joy is replaced by sadness. Hate can be so strong that it cuts inside and pain hurts so that we cry out, this is true pain. When a loved one dies or when a lover tells that their not in love with you any more, we cry. That is true pain for we cry. We feel so much that it drives us to do stupid things to try to keep love last.

The mind is a computer and feelings are human, so do animals. They react to pain, and we as well. They are happy when they play, as well as us. They cry when sad, and again so do we. WE are connected by our feelings to the animals.

We are connected to the forest by life. Death takes us all away and find the truth of all things when it happiness. My view of life in nature and nature is life so my laws of nature should be about life. But no law can hold life, for laws can’t be beaten but only broken. Life is born and life will end.

After wondering and thinking so hard I feel a little lighter knowing this. Yet now that I know this gift of life in nature and nature is life I wonder some more. Not about life or natures, simply about letting some one know this. I won’t seek them out nor well they seek me. I merely sit here and write what I feel and think down on a few pages of paper for you to read. Hopefully you’ll understand what I think and feel about life in nature and nature is life.

The author's comments:
This work is made from a daydream, and is a personal thought.

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