Tooth Fairy Faker

April 11, 2010
By Anonymous

When I was a little girl, I viewed the world much differently than I do now as a teenager. When I was five, it was the age of the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and most importantly, the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy was my idol. I wanted to be the Tooth Fairy when I grew up, because I just thought she was the coolest lady in the whole wide world. First of all, she was a fairy, and you can't get much cooler than that. Not only was she an awesome fairy, but she must have been the richest person alive, considering all that money she had to give out to children all over the world! She got to fly to every city in every state in every country, all over the globe. For all of these reasons, I wanted to be the tooth fairy-- until the day I found out she was a fake.

I was seven years old; it seemed to be just another normal day. I was woken up by my mom at 9am, watched Jimmy Neutron and Rocket Power for an hour, got dressed, brushed my teeth, combed my hair. Just another normal day. Except it wasn't. Poor little me, I had no knowledge of what was about to come.

After my usual Saturday morning routine, I was in the mood to do something that mom wouldn't approve of. Something I would get in trouble for, but it would so be worth it in the end. The idea popped into my head, I would go into mom's forbidden closet! I tiptoed into mom's room while she was busy doing laundry downstairs. I shut the door behind me and creaked open the tall closet door. I was in. As I flipped on the light my eyes got wide. So. many. clothes. My mom had the ultimate closet, no wonder I wasn't allowed inside. Everything was just so tempting to touch and mess up. I fought my urge to touch all of the soft pretty fabrics, I had to make sure I made it seem as if I were never here. Just as I was about to leave, I tripped and bumped into one of the drawers. The drawer opened up all the way and made a loud bang. I rushed over to close it, hoping my mom hadn't heard the loud noise. As I was about to close the drawer, I saw something that made me stop dead in my tracks. Teeth. In little plastic Ziploc bags. With my name written on the bags. I couldn't move, I couldn't even think. How can this be? My first thought was, Oh ok, the tooth fairy's tooth-carrying bag must have gotten full so she asked my mom to temporarily hold some of them for her. But after a few more seconds of thought, I realized the truth of the matter. There was no tooth fairy. Well, technically there was, but she's not really a fairy, or rich, or cool, or anything else I had thought of her to be. It was just my mom. My mom was the tooth fairy. Great. I closed the drawer, my hopes and dreams crushed, and tiptoed out of my mom's room. The tooth fairy is a fake, I repeated over and over in my head. The tooth fairy is a fake.

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