Milo, my guardian angel

April 11, 2010
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Today started out as hell. We had to rush my White German Shepard, Milo to the dog hospital. He has a tumor on his tail. That day it was pooring rain. A sure bad luck sig. When we got there the Veteraniarian could do nothing to save him. Then the words I had been trying to escape confronting for months eased out of the Vet's mouth, "He must be put down. Today."A sob eacaped my pursed lips. My mother held my hand as the nurse led us into the room where MIlo was. When he saw us. Me, my brothers, my step-dad, and my mom. He scrambled to get up off the cold metal table they had strapped him to. The vet gave us an apoligetic glance as she ingected him with the needle. To seal his fate. As I watched him slip away, I could remember almost all of our memories together. Him pulling my older brother and I on a sled down the road. Lying in the grass on summer days. Going to the woods to romp around for hours. He gave me one last pleading look. I lurched forward as his eyes rolled back. He was dead. I grabbed hold of him to tell him to wake up and that it was time to go home and we could go play outside together! He didnt respond. Once Mom told us it was time to go I sobbed even harder. But the most strange thing happend, when we got outside the sky was YELLOW and clear as if we were all wearing skiing goggles. It was as if the heavens (or whatever else) were welcoming Milo. Now 7 years later it still hurts, he is always in my momories. Even though I shouldnt care this much about a pet. I do. I cannot help it. I love him. He was like a brother, no, like a father to me. I will always remeber Milo, my guardiean angel

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MangoZombie said...
Jan. 14, 2011 at 6:54 am
I'm soooo sorry about Milo. My dog died of starvation two years ago. She was my favorite but since we had to give her away, she got sent earlier than I'd ever want. Then she didn't eat or drink anything, according to the new owner. Then she died. I was like... soo sad. Dogs are men's best friend. Totally agreed.
bayleegurl said...
Apr. 17, 2010 at 2:34 pm
Please comment! It would be great, or even tell me your own pet stories
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