Toy Box

April 11, 2010
By Billy Sampson BRONZE, Commack, New York
Billy Sampson BRONZE, Commack, New York
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It was dreary fall day in a town called Commack. A mother and her son were stuck in their green house with a broken refrigerator. The repair man had just come to the house and repaired the refrigerator. The mother took out all of the groceries and freezer products in the morning and was now putting it all back. A three year old boy named, Brandon, went to his mother periodically asking the same question. He came to her for the third time and asked, “Can I go out into the backyard to play?”

“No,” replied the mother, “I am busy and it is still soaking wet outside.”

“When will you be done?”
“I don’t know Brandon.”
“ Tell me when you are done.”
“Okay sweetie.”
Brandon went back into his playroom to play with his Mega Blocks and Legos.
About half hour later, the mother heard nothing in the playroom. She went into the living room to see if Brandon was watching television. “Brandon?” He wasn’t watching television. Next, the mother checked his room and saw a huge mess, but no Brandon. Then the mother went down to the basement to see if he was playing or watching television in the basement. “Brandon!” He wasn’t in the basement. The mother searched the rest of the house but saw no boy around. She began to panic. She went outside to see if he had not listened and went out on his own. “BRANDON!” She started to briskly walk around the yard hoping to find him in the backyard or in the garage. The mother went back into the house and called her brother, Jason, who is a volunteer fireman.
“Hey Sara, how are you?” asked Jason.
“Not good,” she replied and she immediately went into tears.
“What’s wrong?”
“Jason, I can’t find Brandon anywhere.”
“Don’t say anywhere. Did you check his room?”
“Yes, I did.”
“Did you check the basement?”
“Did you check the bathroom?”
“I’m sure I did.”
“Did you check the living room?
“I would be sitting right next to him.”
“Oh, did you check the closets?”
“No, I didn’t. I’ll check right now. I will call you back.”

Sara went to all the closets starting with Brandon’s. About fifteen minutes later, Jason received a phone call from Sara.

“Did you find him, Sara?” asked Jason.
“No I didn’t,” Sara replied and she broke out in tears again.
“ Hold on, I will be right there?” Jason hung up and rushed to the fire house to get a couple of men and fire trucks.
Ten minutes after Jason hung up a black Chevy Monte Carlo came riding down the block with two fire trucks and one police car. Sara who was standing on the steps went down to the end of the road to greet Jason. The police officer wanted to question Sara in the house. Just as they started to walk, towards the house, they heard someone say, “Uncle Jason, you knew I wanted something to play with and you brought fire trucks for me.” It was Brandon. Brandon ran into Jason’s arms.
“ Brandon, you gave your mother a heart attack.”
“What, all I was doing was playing hide and seek with mommy and I won by a mile. I hid in my toy box.”
“ Next time you tell her what game you are playing so she knows.”
“What do you have to say to your mother, Brandon?”
“Sorry Mommy. Do you want a hug?”
“A very big hug,” replies Sara.
“Now do you want to play in the fire truck?” asked Jason.
“Yeah!” replied Brandon. Brandon went on to play with the fire truck the rest of the afternoon and Sara was happy that she had found Brandon.

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