Dear...Love...Part 6

April 8, 2010
By Anonymous


I wish I weren’t like this, but I’m just falling more and more in love with you as the days go on. That stupid mohawk. I just laugh when I see you. It doesn’t fit your personality. But all you do is move your fingers through it and smile when someone notices it. Of course, you’re the only guy on the baseball team who’s proud of that stupid thing. And you put gel in it just to make it look cooler. This is what makes me love you. And the way you brag about that triple you made yesterday. Of course I saw you in center field, because I’m always thinking of you. But you were just so proud of that triple. And I wish I could have seen it. I want to be that guy’s girlfriend. The one who’s on the sidelines cheering every time something like that happens. I want to be her. I want it so badly. And I saw you looking at me today at practice. You looked a couple of times, but who cares, because I look at you all the time. It’s funny when you’re doing the grapevines and side-shuffles. My whole team loves to watch the boys do those things. But I watch you, and I marvel at how fast you are. Your legs are longer than the diameter of the earth. And you’re invincible when you’re running. Remember this morning when I went into your English class? My friend went in to talk to someone else. And when I saw you, I was excited. You started talking to me, and I ruined the conversation. I’m sorry, I just wish you could see that I really like you. Please, just pay attention. I just love the way you talk to me. You only talk to me, and it’s funny. I love when you tease me, because I can tease you back. And it’s playful, and I love it. And Monday was the best day. On the bus when you sat next to me, I made sure not to squish myself into the corner. Don’t you realize what you do to me? It’s impossible to not see it. I’m immediately happy when you walk in. I smile and laugh at your dumb jokes. And I look at your cute smile. I wish you’d see that I care about you. And all I want is a mutual feeling. Please, just tell me if you like me.

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