Adult Power

April 8, 2010
By Anonymous

“What were you thinking?!” That is the response I get when I do something that my parents do not agree with. Some of these things include talking back, using foul language, and doing something where I can get myself hurt. Adults usually expect me to be the perfect child. They expect me to never break the rules and to never do something that they don’t want me to do. I must always listen to them and their wants. But, there are some adults that understand that nobody is perfect and forgive mistakes. But, the majority is on the side where I have to have the exact mindset as they do for them to for them not to get mad at me. They also expect me to respect them, which I never have a problem with. I always respect my elders and superiors. I understand their role in my life and y role in theirs. That is how adults expect me to act, but not always how I want to act.

It is frustrating when adults expect me to act one way, when I would rather do the opposite. This may occur when my parents don’t want me to hang out with a certain group of kids; meanwhile they are some of my best friends. This may also happen when teachers and my parents want me to study when I would rather play video games and go on the computer. It almost makes me want to scream when adults don’t agree with me. But, I usually have to do what the adults expect of me, only so I can avoid some form of punishment. But, sometimes I find myself doing something that my parents deliberately told me not to do and I stop. In these times, I realize that my parents were right and I listen to their advice. But there are also times when I find myself doing something my parents don’t agree with and I keep doing it because I know that there is no danger or consequence of that action. For the most part, it is annoying when my parents’ wishes and my wishes are not the same.

There are a couple different ways in which I resolve these conflicts. One way is to compromise. I do this my promising my parents I won’t do something if they let me do something else. This way, they know for sure I will not do the thing I promised not to do. This also works for me because I can’t get in trouble for doing something my parents allowed me to do. Another way is to just listen to my parents, because in the end, their word is final. It really doesn’t matter what I think, my parents’ words are final.

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