think before you act

April 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Think Before You Act.

When I get angry, I sometimes don’t think before I act. Though, in general, I am not an angry person. W hen I do get angry, I normally say and do things I wish I had not, which follows with consequences. From these mistakes, I learn valuable lessons that change the way I make decisions when I am angry.

There has been very few, memorable times that I have been so angry I have done something stupid. Most of the time the consequence didn’t have to hurt anyone or anything, except for myself. One time was when I got in a fight with my best friend. Of course, when we tried to work it out over texts, it just got worse. This mad me very frustrated, angry and upset because we have been best friends our whole lives. I was so angry that I needed to let my anger out and vent to my friend, which probably wasn’t the best idea. I never talk about people behind their backs, the one time I did it was about my best friend, and I was telling someone who I didn’t know was her friend too. I wasn’t thinking and I told Lauren, my listener, EVERYTHING that happened. Also, I told her that I never wanted to talk to her again and I hated her. The consequence from this was all on me. I felt horrible and guilty as soon as I realized what I said I just hoped she didn’t find out. She didn’t, but that’s not the point, I still said it. I promised myself that I would never make the mistake of talking about my best friend, or anyone, behind their back because I knew I would feel bad again.

Even though this happened this year, it still changed the way I make decisions today. Now, whenever I get frustrated and angry, I take a breath, blast my music, and think if talking about my friends will solve anything. Of course, I come to the conclusion that it doesn’t. I then talk to my friend and tell them why they frustrated me and if I need to vent to anyone, I choose my mom rather than my friends. From this accident I made, I learned many lessons. I learned that there are other things to do to solve a problem then to bash out my friends. Also, that my mom is the best listener, she doesn’t tell anyone, she won’t judge me, and she helps me with my problems. Lastly I learned that thinking before acting, is the wise choice in any situation.

Even thought I am not the kind who gets angry often, I still have my moments. In these moments, I used to act before I thought, which was a mistake I made. A couple of months ago, this changed when my friendship was on the line. I got angry and did something I regretted, which followed with a consequence. I do not regret the consequence though, because it made me change how I decided my actions, and I learned some lessons.

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tulk94 said...
on Apr. 15 2010 at 3:20 pm
tulk94, LaSalle, Colorado
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That's good. I have anger problems and did that sometimes. All you have to do is think about the consequences.

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