My Pet Peeve

March 26, 2010
By @@@Yeah BRONZE, Airmont, New York
@@@Yeah BRONZE, Airmont, New York
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Pet Peeve is things that people do. They are things that get people annoyed and angry. Sometimes people do it on purpose. Sometimes they do it by accident. But, it can really irritate people. Everyone has different pet peeves. Not everyone has the same.

My pet peeve is when people read my text messages. It’s like come on people! How would you like it, if I looked through your text messages? Then I go around, telling people what I read on your text messages. It is your privacy. You would not like it if I did that.

Another pet peeve that I hate is when, people bite into a fork. I hate the sounds it makes. I get so annoyed. Sometimes I tell someone to stop, but they don’t stop. If they don’t stop, they will find out what happens. It won’t be pretty.

My last pet peeve that I have is when people lie about the smallest things. Lying is not healthy for you. My parents tell me that every time I lie. I hate it when people lie, then they say “just joking”. Telling the truth feel s really good.

Pet peeve can make people anger and annoyed. My pet peeves are when people lie, look through someone’s text messages, and when people bite forks. Everyone has a pet peeve. Everyone gets mad and irritated. So watch what you say or do.

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