April 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Have you ever had a good day that ends up being bad?
I woke up from loud music coming from downstairs. I look to my side and my brother was already awake. I was lazy to get up. I walk to the bathroom and turn on the faucet. I splashed freezing water on my face, feeling fresh. My laziness kept me from going downstairs. So I drag my butt all the way to the last step. It was a bit painful, but it was worth not walking.
I see my mom cleaning around the house. I wasn’t sure why. She usually cleans only when visitors are coming over. I didn’t ask. My brother was lying on the couch watching “SpongeBob Squarepants.” I joined in. I was giggling at how stupid the TV show was. My mom called me and told me that today we had to visit my grandma. For the first time I was excited to go, I hadn’t seen her in weeks. I ran upstairs and grabbed my favorite outfit. My mom would pick out my outfit but she was too busy. Without doing my hair I was told to get a hairbrush and hair ties. I would hate getting my hair done by my mom because she would yank hard on it. After that, I ate cereal and scrambled eggs. In the family room I watched my mom dress my brother. My parents went to go dress while I and my brother played “Hungry Hungry Hippos.” We packed all our stuff and off we went to the car.
My mom put nursery songs on and I was singing along. I fell asleep halfway there. As I was waking up we were driving up her driveway. I was filled with joy that I opened the car door before my mom stopped driving. Eventually, I got yelled at. I went inside the house to search for my grandma. I looked everywhere but no one was there. I went back outside to check in her garden. There I saw my aunt Jessica and my grandma sitting down. I gave them both a hug and kiss. Once my parents and my brother arrived, there weren’t enough chairs so I sat on Jessica’s lap. It started to get dark out and Jessica went inside. I didn’t leave. Usually I would sleepover but not today. Jessica came out of the house with a black dress that reached above her knees. She looked gorgeous. I heard my mom planning that my grandma should sleepover at my house. I was excited about that. I ran up to Jessica to ask her where she was going. She said that she was going to a club with her boyfriend. My grandma went inside to pack some clothes and left them in the car. I was already in the car with my brother, mom, and dad. My mom had her window open and I could hear my grandma arguing with Jessica at the doorsteps. I saw Jessica yelling and I sunk to my seat. I had a feeling something bad was happening. A black truck drives behind us and Jessica waves. It was her boyfriend. Before we left my grandma took a picture of them together. They got back in the car and off they left.
We left right after them. On the way I fell asleep. We arrived around 10 o’clock, I stayed asleep. My dad took me out of the car and left me upstairs on my bed. I was in such a deep sleep… All of a sudden my home phone went off. I woke up from the ring but I didn’t answer. It was 3 in the morning. I closed my eyes to return to sleep but something kept me from sleeping. Few minutes later I hear people crying. My grandma wasn’t in my room! I got scared that I went to my mom’s room. I see my mom and grandma with tears. My mom was talking on the phone asking a lot of questions. “What happened?” “Why couldn’t it be me?” My grandma yelled, “Don’t say that!” “Let’s leave. We have to go see Jessica.” When I heard Jessica’s name I started to cry. “Mom what happened?” My dad grabbed my brother and we left the house. My mom sped down the express way.
We stopped. I look around and all I saw were a bunch of polices and ambulances. Of to the side I saw a destroyed black car, like the one I saw Jessica’s boyfriend in. We got off and I saw people with candles and signs in their hands. I needed to find out what was happening. So I ask my mom again and this time she told me. “Jazmin I know this is going to be hard for you but please listen to me. Your aunt Jessica got in a car crash. Her boyfriend was really drunk and he crashed right through a lamppost. The lamppost broke into 3 pieces and a piece fell on Jessica. “What happened to Jessica?” My mom continued. “The boyfriend got small injuries and Jessica’s in the hospital.” I couldn’t believe what my mom said. So much was going through my head… I was speechless. I heard my mom say, “Let’s go to the hospital.” I was scared. What if she died? Just in time when the doctor was about to enter two doors we asked. “How’s Jessica? Is she ok? Please tell me.” So many people were talking at the same time. The doctor just looked down. “I’m sorry to say this but Jessica didn’t make it to the hospital.” It was so hard for us to hear that. We couldn’t control my grandma, she was going crazy! That’s when I felt tears running down my whole face. I felt her pain. I knew how hard it was for her to hear such bad news from her youngest daughter. As I stand there I see more of our family members coming in. They came from Mexico, It was my aunt Alma. As we gathered around each other we tried to calm ourselves. My uncle called informing us that Jessica’s boyfriend was going to have court in a week. The doctor let my grandma and my mom see Jessica’s body. After they were done we left the hospital and went back to the location where the crash happened.
4 days passed and it was Jessica’s funeral. My dad was the first one to step in the place and see Jessica in her coffin. My dad looked back at us and he didn’t turn back. I was scared to see her. One by one we walked in. It was my turn. She looked gorgeous. She had a wedding dress on, like the one she wished on her wedding. Her hair was up in a bun and she had makeup on. She looked like a doll and I was scared to get close to her. Something kept me away from her. I wanted to touch her and talk to her but I just couldn’t. My grandma sat right by her coffin. She started talking to her. How she felt, how everyone felt. My grandma’s words killed everyone inside. Once she got to her deepest words she started to cry. I looked around and everyone had at least one tear running down their face. My mom had her video recorder with her and she started filming. I knew that we would never watch it. Everyone started leaving and I had to give her a kiss. When my lips touched her face I couldn’t leave her.
The next morning was when she was going to be buried. We were driving down to the cemetery. As we drove we followed the family and the person with the coffin. It took awhile to get there. As I look out the window I see people wearing just black. I saw 2 guys digging up the hole and the priest. People were getting out of their cars carrying the most beautiful roses I’ve ever seen. We all surrounded Jessica’s coffin. The scent of the roses made me very emotional. By my side, my aunt Alma was crying with all her strength. She looks up at me and we talk about all the memories from Jessica. My eyes got water y. Then I hear sad music and I cry. Slowly and slowly the diggers were pulling in Jessica. One by one we said our last words and dropped the roses. That’s when everyone started to cry even more. As they were putting dirt back in, I knew that she was going to be in a better place.
Every time I struggle through something, I know she’s by my side. The first thing that goes through my mind is her. The years pass by and it still hurts that she’s away. When I smell a rose I remember her funeral. Now that she’s in a better place no one will bother her. Anywhere she is, she’s always by my side and I’m always by her side.

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