Blowing Kisses

April 1, 2010
By , Charlotte, NC
Sitting there for hours waiting to see your smiling face. Looking out the window waiting for you to come. Tears run down my cheeks like water rushing through a stream after every hour passes. I wait for you to blow a kiss, or kiss on the cheek, or a sign of affection. What happened to the sweet friend I used to know. Its never a traitor kiss upon your cheek like Judas did to Jesus. Its my own sign of affection. Still looking out for a sign, never knowing what will come. As what seems like a lifetime passes, I hear a voice. I look up with a smile, hoping its you, but its my imagination of your voice.
With a sad look on my face, I walk away.

I wonder...if you know?
Im not as pretty, skinny, or as "perfect" as you shall say, as the other girl, but i do have a mind and a heart that needs you. Come back...where did you go? I miss you.

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