Assateague Island

April 1, 2010
By Anonymous

When I went to Assateague Island, it felt like I was where I belonged because of the beach, the wild horses and many more.
When I went to the beach, the water felt like the water at Accord Park and the sand was so relaxing, it felt like I was lying in my backyard with my two favorite dogs, Benny and Angel. The sand was so much fun and cool since it was beside the nice and refreshing ocean. The beach at Assateague was like the beach at Wildwood, New Jersey.
Along the beach there were a lot of restaurants and shopping places just like at home.
There were so many different kinds of animals all along the beach. There were crabs, wild horses, dolphins, and many more to see. The best part about Assateague Island was the wild horses. There are many different kinds of horses there that you can look at, but you couldn’t touch them since they’re wild and they’ll hurt you.

Before I left Assateague, the item I was holding was a conch shell, a seashell that you can hear the ocean with.

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