Solitude Vs. Sacrafice

April 1, 2010
In my mind it’s midnight blue and there I see shadows of you.
You love to tease me and once before you offered to please me.
The offer was so bitter-sweet, of course I'd never been approached with such
But right now we’re too young; not to mention we’re not tied- our hormones are
Racing steady like the beat
Of a drum.
You whisper in my ear and you say “Age ain't nothin’ but a number.”
And I say “Sex ain't nothin’ but a sin.” At least it would be for us.
So now I'm hoping that the love we shared won't die, but then again
It could’ve just been lust- you see I'm growing and evolving now both as a
Female and a Christian. I ain't got time for no two minute stickin’.
Boys will be boys for as long as they can, but soon enough they start smelling
Themselves and deem themselves men. So I keep myself pure for as long as I can
And cling to thumb of the man with all power in his hand.

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