March 30, 2010
By Anonymous

I woke up to familiar voices, but they didn’t sound right. I opened my eyes and blinked twice then looked up at the clock. It’s was twelve thirty six I thought, why am I being woken up now?
“Greg, call 911,” my mother screamed. She was on her knees looking out my window that faces the street. All the lights to my room were still off and it was dark outside.
“No Sarah, I think it’s just fireworks,” replied my father.
“If it’s just fireworks then why is there a man with a gun in our front yard?” asked my mom.
“Okay, I’m dialing.”

I sat there in shock for a minute. What in the world is going on? My heartbeat sped up. My vision didn’t seem to work anymore, and it felt like I couldn’t breathe in. When I finally found my voice I asked what was happening.
“Honey, I don’t know, I just know that something is going on that is not right. Nicholas, take Rebecca and go to the basement.” my mother said.
My brothers suddenly there next to me grabbing my hand and holding it tight. I grabbed my stuffed polar bear for protection and we seem to fly down the stairs. When we got down I heard a voice, one that I will never forget.
“Help, somebody help!” a voice moaned slowly. It was coming from outside, in between my house and my neighbor’s. I could hear the pain in his voice and it sent a wave of terror down my back. My feet somehow began to move faster than before and soon we were downstairs in my dad’s office.
I started to shake uncontrollably, my vision fogged for a second time that night, and about three seconds later hot tears rolled down my face. I felt two arms around me, holding me very tightly; they were my brothe’rs, Nicholas. We sat in silence for a moment, but soon I could hear the sound of ambulances, and police cars. I sighed in relief. Felt my muscles relax and my breathing went back to normal. Not even a minute later I heard the front door open.
Oh, my, gosh, what if the man with the gun came in our house? Where are my parents? I quickly looked up at my brother who sat frozen. I was the first one to speak.
“Nicholas, where are Mom and Dad?” I asked.
There was a pause and then, “I don’t know,” my brother said slowly.
“Who is in our house then?”
“I don’t know, but I’m going to go find out.” I couldn’t believe how brave he was, only at thirteen he was acting like an adult. I think at this moment he truly grew up. He walked over to where we have an old baseball bat and motioned for me to grab the golf club. Without sound we crawled up our carpeted stairs, one by one, until we reach the door. My heart stared to pound rapidly. I don’t think that it could have gone any faster without jumping out of my chest. He turns the knob slowly, I look up at his face and it is completely still. He takes a deep breath then pushes the door open.
Right then I heard the front door open and then my mom’s voice. Again I couldn’t make out what she was saying, but I knew it was her. Relief flooded through me. Nicholas put down his bat and I follow. I ran over and give both my parents big hugs. Then I looked back at my brother whose face was still hard and emotionless.
“What happened?” my brother asked.
“There was a shooting tonight.” My dad replied slowly, making a point with each word, “It was because a man didn’t pay back his drug dealer and the dealer wanted his ten thousand dollars back.”
My mom shook her head and starts where my dad left off. “You know that white house that’s next to the Roger’s?” My brother and I nodded. “Well one his daughters had over a man who did drugs at one time. He was arrested for doing them and hadn’t talked to the man who sold him the drugs since.”
“Well, the dealer followed him to his girlfriend’s house and knocked on the door and wanted his money. The guy who used to do drugs saw that his old dealer had a gun with him and didn’t want to endanger his girlfriend’s life and ran. The drug dealer followed and the ex-druggie who ran in between our house and the Roger’s. It was dark out so he didn’t see the brick wall and had no place else to run. The drug dealer shot at him seven times and only hit him in the leg once.”
I asked the next question. “Well, was he caught?” My mom and dad nod and I finally exhale.
That night I didn’t want to sleep alone. My dad came in my room and hugged me while tears ran down my face. That night was the most scared I have ever been.
This event changed me for the good, I now know many good reasons why NEVER to do drugs, I learned how dangerous they can be for your body and for your mind. For months I couldn’t sleep alone, I had to have my mom stay in my room. And event though its been years, when ever I am home alone and I hear ambulances, cop cars, or even fake gun shots I tremble. But worst of all whenever I see the clock at twelve thirty six it brings me back to that night and I remember it like it was yesterday.

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