The Couple on the Corner

March 29, 2010
By JennaP GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
JennaP GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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I walked into a house carrying a basket of vegetables. It was familiar. You know how everyone has their own smell? Well, this house’s fragrance was like everyone’s smells were stirred into one big pot. It reeked. After a while it smelled comforting.
An older couple lived there. Kitty corner to my house. They said they enjoyed seeing me grow up, seeing my sister added, and after my brother was born, seeing our whole family enjoying the outdoors. Together. Why they thought that was amazing is a mystery to me, I mean, everyone spends time with their families; they play outside, eat together, and wake up together.
Up until fifth grade I hadn’t understood what it meant to move. The older couple was happy, but inside their eyes, I knew they weren’t. They would miss seeing out family spending time together, and miss being a part of our family.
The day we left Lessington Drive, was the last time I saw the couple.

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