My Daddy

March 28, 2010
By allieboo233 BRONZE, Roanoke Tx, Texas
allieboo233 BRONZE, Roanoke Tx, Texas
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When i hear the word daddy my heart pounds because i know that he is looking over me. My daddy is the only person that i would ever look up to in the whole wide world and all of that was taken away from me the day he started drinking.
My daddy was a very kind, loving, brave man. He started drinking way before I was ever born and it ended his life when i was four.
He used to take me everywhere with him. I was his little princess. When it was too cold outside he would drive me to a coffee shop and get us lots and lots of hot chocolate. when it was hot outside he would chase the ice cream truck
all the way down the street just to get me a popsickle. My daddy died when i was four because he couldnt stop drinking and his whole body just shut down. i remember that day perfectly. i was the only little girl in the waiting room
and it really stunk. The nurse let us go in to see him but after about 5 minutes the doctors started running in and pushing us out. At the time i didnt know what was going on, i just thought they didnt want us in there. Turns out I
was half right. I didnt know at the time but I had just seen my daddy die. We walked out of the hospital, got in the car, my mom turned and looked at me and said everything will be all right. I didnt know what she was talking about.
About 2 weeks later my mommy said come on allie its time to go to your daddy's funeral. "what's that?" i asked, my mom replied by telling me that it was what you go to when someone dies. Thats when i finally realized that my daddy
was never comming back home to his little princess ever again.

The author's comments:
Its been 10 years later and today is the anniversary of his death.

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