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March 27, 2010
By LoudMouthJennifer BRONZE, Athol, Massachusetts
LoudMouthJennifer BRONZE, Athol, Massachusetts
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Once there was a girl who though that she should be able to look for ways that you both can get what you need and give your partner equal opportunity to state her opinion during an argument. She is 15 and thinks she should be able to be equal during an argument and not have so much conflicts in her life. All she wants is money and to be noticed but she doesn’t think that will happen if she stays the way she is living right now. Alls’ her and grandparents do is fight all the time and she always seems like the bad person when she isn’t. She feels as if she doesn’t get heard enough and that she will end up growing like her grandmother in the future and be trapped in the past. But maybe just one of these days she will be free to live the way she wants and make her own choices. Her grandparents always think that they are right and that anything that she says isn’t right. But really a lot of the things that she says is right and what they say is wrong. Life the way she lives is based of the past and not what will happen in the future for her. They never congratulate her on anything that she does nor acknowledge her for the fact that she did an amazing job. Basically in life she needs someone that will do that for her and that truly cares for what she does and loves her for who she is, that does not want her to change!

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