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March 27, 2010
By LoudMouthJennifer BRONZE, Athol, Massachusetts
LoudMouthJennifer BRONZE, Athol, Massachusetts
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Hey girls! I know that some of you out there may feel motherless? Well here is one girl who is going to speak out and tell you how it feels! I have always wanted a mother to go to the mall with and the movies and have fights with!!! My mother has been in nursing homes my whole entire life but I still got to see her but at the same time, I have always felt like I really don’t have a mother in my life that is always there for me and that understands me for who I actually am…Even though I grew up with my mom and my grandmother, I couldn’t really talk to either of them. I really just want to have someone who is a role model for me and that I can have fights with. I bet that any of you girls out there that have mothers in your life, you may hate having fights with your mom but if you didn’t have a mother in your life you would crave to have fights all the time with your mother! Just the feeling you get when you would get sent to your room or get grounded or your phone tooken away, when your mom yells at you, it may be horrible sometimes but as a girl that doesn’t really have the “mother material” in her life would love it! When you have grown up feeling lonely most of the time, I personally would love to have someone that I could fight with on occasion.. And to go to the movies and the mall with, just that bonding time together would feel AMAZING! Someone who when you get home from school and you’ve had a bad day, without saying a word, she would know instantly know what was wrong. I have always looked up to other ‘women’ in my life as role models instead of my own mother because she doesn’t understand me!!! So girls out there, do not feel like your alone cause I for one know that you are not because their are millions of girls that have no mothers in there life and probably feel the same way as me…She was a girl that never knew who to talk to because she was motherless. She did not really have any one to talk to about the things that a teenage girl usually would talk to their mother about. But just maybe, one of these days she would find that women that would be her “mother material” in her life. Every girl should have a mother, whether its foster-mom, grandma, aunt, etc. Did you ever have that feeling where, you feel the need to talk to someone but you have no clue what about or who you would talk to? I know that sometimes just that feeling that you had someone that you could go to at any point in the day or that you could call any time you needed to or just talk to whenever you feel like it, IS AMAZING!!A girl should not feel as if there are alone, they should have at least the knowledge of someone that would be there for you, so you don’t feel alone!

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