Trying new Things

March 27, 2010
Over the years people change. They start trying new things and exploring new aspects of the world. We start trying things we said we never would. Like drugs and alcohol. Usually it’s nothing serious, just a drink at a party or an experimental puff. Usually in high school we don’t go farther then pot or whatever you want to call it; Weed, Grass, Mary J. I myself have not done anything. I am only fourteen and I don’t plan to do anything. I find no point to drugs. Yes it gives you some sort of feeling of relaxation, of happiness but it also just rips away at you with you knowing. Some people use drugs as an escape, but what I see is that their just causing themselves more problems then they already have. I consider my life to be pretty messed up. Yes I must admit I am not exactly happy but I don’t see any reason to damage myself anymore. The worst thing about drugs is that they are taking over the person I may just love’s life. He doesn’t do anything more than weed but he smokes a lot. It hurts me to see him waste his life away. Of course there are worse things a person could do. My own uncle died of an OD when I was really young. I don’t care to find what he was doing. I’ve been told there are methies at my school. I really hope I don’t know them. Meth is one of those drugs that ruin your life. I’ve only read but what I have was horrible. Some people do drugs because of peer-pressure; personally I don’t care at all what other people think so I don’t have that problem. My fried does though. She became one of those mean, supposively “popular” kids. She started partying. On New years I found out she got hung-over. She is thirteen. I am confused at what the world is becoming. Im confused on the topic of why we do these things. I really just don’t understand why people enjoy messing up their lives. Sometimes I cry. I cry because I’m forced to watch the walls of the ones I love’s lives come crumbling down

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joy woskiee said...
Apr. 15, 2010 at 11:30 pm
sarah i loved it
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