Permanant Changes

March 26, 2010
By ThaBoss BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
ThaBoss BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
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A turning point is a different thing for different people. Some are very significant and others can be petty and unchanging. These turning points change the direction of our life and come with a great realization. They will affect our future actions like someone who has had a bad experience will now avoid or think differently of that thing. Our past experiences, opinions, biases, ect. all alter the way we percieve reality as the pure information of life goes through all of these things before projected as the way we see things. I'm 16 and I have had many turning points in a pretty short period of time. I don't want to go completely in depth with these issues and changes but i will share the general idea and details I'm comfortable explaining and sharing.
Since I was in 4th grade I had to switch between schools about 6 times. For the majority of my life I went to the public schools. I went to St. A., then Bently, switched to All Saints (1yr), went back in middle school into public schools again which was called Discovery. Then switched back to All Saints for a few months (because of trouble) and came back to Discovery. Then I went on to Canton high where issues that had already been building up were to become, much, much, larger. It was one mistake after another, 9th grade year. I had many, many bad (and extremely unhealthy) habits and school wasn't exactly my main concern(in fact, it wasn't a concern.)My grades went farther down then they already were. I got a decent 1st report card, but it was easy up to that point. There was a lot that happens from that point but to get to the point I wasn't exactly the best kid by the end of the year. I had gotten into many incidents with trouble with school, parents, and the law. I had been through alot. thats when the biggest change of my life hit me.
Fed up with all of my crap, which semmed unsolvable, my mom decided it was time for me to live with my dad. That's what brings me to FHS and that's what I'm still dealing with today. Suddenly all my friends were gone, my house, my school, and my family relationships started to bitter much worse. I was also going through habitual (or you can say addictive) problems. And I had even more heart wrenching problems with a long-time girlfriend that I wasn't ready to deal with. With all this a very sobering feeling came forth that life was very fragile and important to me and what I needed to do and decided to prioritize certain things. I wanted to do that but not to change myself, because I'm stubborn about being and staying my own person.
It was a long and unenjoyable summer after 9th grade. I tried to make the best out of it and it was not easy at all. I slept away most of my days. I ended up at FHS and it was a huge difference. In Canton, I wasn't too much different from others, not like here. I found that nobody was into anything I was, they barely could connect with me in any way. I found people I liked and got by but I still miss the feeling of hanging out with friends I've known for years. I still have good friendships with them now but it wasn't until recently that my visits to Canton became more frequent.
I decided to use the oppurtunity of having no distractions to get back on track with school and basically my life. I started getting more serious with my ambitions in music and started skating agian. I felt I had no time for i before and I was mad at myself that I'd given up something I worked so hard to be good at. I started worrying more about physical health, I started to work out mildly and now its something I love to do.
I look forward to having a brighter future in the sense that I prioritized my life. I feel alot better and in some ways am glad for the experience, even though it was full of rough times. I now can look forward to things going smoother from here on.

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