My experience in Utopia

March 23, 2010
By evansnell123 BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
evansnell123 BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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The clock struck 9:00pm as I bolted into my room and threw some clothes on filled with excitement. I was on my way to what I call Utopia,or you can say Puerto Rico, either one. This would be my first trip there and I’m going to tell you all about it! After I changed , packed the car, and made sure we had everything, I head off to Orlando Airport with my dad, his friend, and my good friend Connor. We arrived at this neat little parking place called The Parking Spot around 10:45pm. We unloaded the car now full with energy and excitement. We loaded this little bus filled with our luggage and now at the airport waited in what seemed like never ending lines. After everything is situated, we patiently waited for the lady to say we can aboard the plane. Once done, we walked on the plane and sat in our arranged designated seats. Most of the time we all sat next to each other which was way better than sitting alone. Filled with enthusiasm, we waited for the plane`s engines to start and it felt like a forever wait. We started to move faster and faster until we were up in the air! My first trip to Puerto Rico!
After falling asleep for most of the plane ride, I woke up to the announcement of the pilot saying that were 10 minutes from landing and I was filled with enthusiasm! As the plane lowered itself close to the ground, my palms got sweaty. But before I knew it we landed! I took a step off the plane and into the fresh scent of Puerto Rican atmosphere and took a big whiff. I made it; I’m in Puerto Rico I thought to myself. I was filled with joy as me and my friend Connor waited to claim our baggage while my dad and his friend got our rental car. Everything is set and we rolled out of the airport like big time playas in our super sweet, green muddy Dodge Ram mini van. It was around 4:00am in the morning here and everyone was pretty much dead from a long night of traveling. It was dark and very warm; when we left Florida it was cold and rainy; so it was very enjoyable, or would have been if we weren’t all so tired. I fell asleep in the car but woke up to the motion of the car stopping. I got myself up, still very tired and looked around. I found myself at our house and I could not wait to crawl in bed. I trudged to the house with my luggage and passed out on my bed after a very long night of traveling.
I woke up to my dad and his friend and even my friend screaming at the size of the waves! I crawled out of bed, still very tired because of not a lot of sleep, to find myself in paradise. Just in back of our house is a luxurious beach, with a reef out in front, not a cloud in the sky, and beautiful warm weather. I gazed upon the horizon in amazement and found myself upon such a beautiful place. Then I shook my head and realized that the waves were bombin! They were huge and perfect, even barreling; they were just in back of our house. How could it get any better? I dashed back into the house and threw on my bathing suit still very sleepy but excited at the same time. We were all waxing our boards and putting our fins back in. Everything was ready to go and we loaded our boards in the car and drove off to find a better break. Me and my friends faces were glued to the window glaring at everything we drove by in amusement for it was a culture and terrain wev never seen. Everything was new; it felt like I was on another planet, the planet I was on was called paradise. I was so amazed by the new landscape and it was a gorgeous day out. We drove down this steep mountain in search of a break called Wilderness. We arrived at this break and it was packed with cars. We found a parking spot, we were ready to surf. The break was to crowded so we drove down a little road that led down the beach to where no one was at, then we Parked and got ready to paddle out.
Once we were all ready and set to go we hopped into the water and started paddling out. The waves were huge. But I made it out, no sweat. I was no nomad; I have been to Costa Rica 3 times before this trip so I have had plenty of practice. But there we were sitting on our boards in Puerto Rico in the beautiful ocean. That’s when I rubbed my eyes, opened them and saw where I really was. I was in a wonderland, filled with gorgeous scenery. Looking back at land I saw the whole beach, beautiful big hills, and giant cliffs. The sky was bright and blue, and the water was crystal clear. The waves were perfect and big, and I was with the best dad in the world, a great friend of mine and my dad’s good friend. I was in heaven, utopia, or in a dream. I again gazed around in disbelief of where I was. It was too good to be true. I then shook my head and got back to reality of catching a wave. The first set rolled up and it looks gigantic to me. But I started paddling for it as I hesitated, but I remembered my dad told me I have to commit so I did. I started paddling and was gaining speed. I felt the wave slip under me as I am filled with fear of falling and drowning. The force of the wave pushed me forward obnoxiously. That’s when I grabbed the rails of my board, slowly stood up trying to balance and not fall. Not feeling secure, but I fully stood up and did a bottom turn right. I was on one of the biggest waves of my life. A huge rush of thrill and adrenaline struck me as I gazed forward down the wave which looks to be way overhead. I was amazed that I didn’t fall, but I had to focus on not falling. I started to pump up and down the wave. I started to pump as I was filled with thrill and adrenaline. I gained tons of speed as I went up to the top of the wave for a huge cutback, which I was successful in doing. It was an amazing feeling to do such a big cutback, but it all went by so fast. I got back up in the lineup and start pumping. I looked down the wave, much focused, very ecstatic.
The wave ended and all my rush, thrill, adrenaline seeped away from me and died down as I jumped into the beautiful crystal clear water. I paddled back out to my dad and my dad’s friend and my friend cheering for they saw my whole wave. I caught up with them and sat back on my board. I re-lived that wave in my mind, the feeling of dropping in on such a huge wave, and doing that huge cutback was indescribable. Words couldn’t explain how pumped I was and how thankful I was to be at this beautiful place. I laughed as I thought that was only the first wave, of the first day.

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This is my experience, it was my first trip to Puerto Rico and i wanna share it with others

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