Heart Strings

March 21, 2010
By Abbey_love SILVER, Sacramento, California
Abbey_love SILVER, Sacramento, California
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A 5 year old girl, Abigail, her 7 year old brother, Austin, and her mom, Julee, drive across the country Alabama to California. Driving away from her home, her friends, her father, and her newly adopted puppy. Her mother says “I will need help taking care of you to so we are moving closer to your grandparents and aunt and uncle.” The children make a plan with their father to call every Sunday at 4 o’clock. The children don’t know it yet but this will be the only way they’ll know anything about their father. Charles, the father, calls every Sunday for about 2 years. Then he doesn’t. The little girl, now 7, world comes down around her. She waits and waits and waits but he doesn’t call the only person who calls is her aunt and Abigail hangs up on her in case he calls. “Mom!” she calls down the hall “why isn’t he calling its 7 o’ clock” “I don’t know honey, maybe he forgot”. Those three words “maybe he forgot” made the feeling of abandonment, loneliness, and emptiness wrap around her like a think winter coat. This feeling last until she thinks “mom can we call him maybe something appended” “ok we will as soon as I get home” “oh right your meeting that guy tonight”. She now feels lonelier then ever “he’s here” Austin yells from the living room. Jon the guy her mom is meeting pulls up to their duplex. Her mind flashes back to her dad and how much she misses him and how she wishes he would call. Three years later.jon and Julie are now married they bought a house and have lived in it for 2 years now. Abigail is 13 and Austin 15 almost 16. Abigail hadn’t heard from her dad again until now but that’s about to change. Abigail is doing her least favorite subject, English, her teacher assigned them to read an essay she printed out Julie comes in to her room Abigail turns down the song she was listening to. “A letter came in the mail for you today” her mum says “who from?” Abigail asks she never got letters “your dad” “oh”. Abigail grabs the letter it’s already open, she looks up at her mom and her mom says “it's my job, I don’t him to guilt you into letting him back into your life.” Abigail looks back down at the letter she reads it but half way thought her vision blurs she can’t she, she blinks and continues. The all too familiar feeling of her world crashing down comes back. He writes that he misses her and loves her ‘then way won’t he jump on a plane and visit her once in a while’ she thinks bitterly. Then she just breaks down and cries she feels a comforting hand around her shoulder “He’s cruel and just playing at your heart strings”

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Fuh-rel BRONZE said...
on Jun. 8 2010 at 4:34 pm
Fuh-rel BRONZE, Corinth, Texas
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this is good because i think it speaks the truth of many relationships today.

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