"That Baby Don't Look Like Me!" PART 1

March 20, 2010
By Anonymous

"I know we just met, but you're very beautiful and i'd like to know the whole story of you and Sam, if that's alright with you", he seemed so sincere and real. He made her feel special. And after all she had been through, it was nice that a guy actually was interested and cared. "Yeah, but its a long story, just call me", and that he did. She told him everything, start from finish about losing her virginity a few months ago, about being hurt and broken. He listened to all of it, for the 3 hours it took to tell the whole story. After she was done there was a long pause on the phone "Cara, I know we don't really know eachother, and we may just be friends..but I am going to make a promise to you right now, never to break your heart". Cara smiled. Never in her life had she met somebody so sweet.
His name was Jordan, he was a tall handsome basketball player. He has chesnut brown eyes shaped like almonds and a milk chocolate complexion. Over the weeks, they got to know eachother, they started dating, but imediatly something was wrong. He would pressure her into sex. "I jsut want to get to know you, i really like your Jordan, im not ready for sex." she would tell him. He would roll his eyes and move away "I just wish you would grow up", when he said that, her heart would drop a little bit. He had told her he wanted to fall in love. She wanted him to love her, so a few weeks later..she gave into the pressure. With no protection, he wouldn't "pull-out" or anything. And a few more weeks later, she would start to feel something inside her, but the funny thing is the night Jordan and Cara had sex, he dumped her.
"Well, congrats on getting some booty tonight Jordan, im very happy for you", she said jokingly.
"Im not...." ...uh-oh. she knew what was comming, so naturally she had made herself emotionally numb. "What do you mean?" she asked. "Omg..Cara..im a horrible person. :(" she read this and knew exactly what was wrong. "When its over, goodbye Jordan" she set her phone down and cried. The next weeks, when she started to feel a baby, he wanted to get back with her, but it was too late she had already found somebody else. His name was Carrington, standing 6'6 he was everything she had been looking for. He knew about the baby that was Jordan's. "Well, every baby needs a father, and I know what its like not to have a father in my life, and i just want to be the man he never was, so if anybody asks its mine, because as far as im concerned it is now" he said to her. She cried, what a sweetheart!
Now Cara had talked about the baby with Jordan, he had decided to leave and move to Texas, even though he was supossed to go to college at Arkansas Tech so close to home next year. She knew exactly that this would happen, now all she had to do was tell him everything that was on her mind. ....(part 2 comming soon)

The author's comments:
Hmm. I am Cara in the story.

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