My Life in Montreal

March 19, 2010
By Redeye BRONZE, Verdun, Other
Redeye BRONZE, Verdun, Other
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I was born in Montreal and I still live here. As I started growing up, I fell in love with my city. In Verdun, there is a river near a park, and in the spring, it is so peaceful and beautiful. I go there every chance I get. It saddens me knowing that it is polluted, but people are trying to help. It is a beautiful place and there are ducks and great blue herons there. I think many people will enjoy it. Another spot that is my favorite is the street that my school, Beurling Academy, is on. The street opposite of the entrance, in the spring there grows lilacs. Basically, I love everything in our city, and I won’t change a thing about it.
Another thing I like about my city is the stores. On Wellington Street, there are great clothes stores and many other stores. My family and I like Rex’s place. My mom love there French fries. There is a great dollar store there too. Me and my mom go to this book store right across from Rex’s. We find great books there.
I once lived in Lasalle. One thing I didn’t like is when you’re out of money and there are so many stores. I used to live near the Newman Mall. It was great because I lived a block away from Dominos. One thing I did love was the parks. We buried our Maine Coon cat, Beauty, there, and I hated that she died.
Supposedly, I once lived in Ottawa. I don’t remember much, but I visited it once. It was a stunning place. Lots of places to shop. A woman’s dream, and they know they love to shop.
Now I am living in Montreal again and I couldn’t be happier. So I’ll end this with saying that I’m happy here and I can’t wait for the summer. This winter was so freaking cold. Thank God it’s now spring. I was hoping it would come early.

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Indiegirl92 said...
on Apr. 7 2010 at 6:06 pm
I just remebered there is a Botanical Gardens in Montreal. I went there for pictures for my sister's wedding. It is lovely. Maybe you'll like it there.

on Apr. 7 2010 at 5:10 pm
WOW, well there are many places that are nice,like nature parks,resturants,malls, but one of my faverite places to go is the Angrion Mall in Lasalle. It is a nice place to shop and there are tons of stores. In my opinion, it is great. I went there with my mom and I love it. There are many places so if Angrion Mall is a interest, then I hope I helped a bit. Thank you for asking that great question. Feel free to ask more.

ZoeK said...
on Apr. 7 2010 at 10:29 am
Hey, my family is maybe coming to Montreal this summer.  Your article is good for me to read.  Where should we go if we visit Montreal?

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