March 18, 2010
By Anonymous

Childhood is like running till you’re legs give out. The best part is, there’s always someone there to catch you as you fall limply onto a plush bed of green grass.

Childhood is like singing. Until you get older, it doesn’t really matter what you sound like. Anything goes.

It is when you run to the neighbor’s house and jump on the bed because you just ‘cus you know you’re too innocent to get into trouble.

It’s when you’re down in the basement finishing off the last batch of cupcakes you so carefully endowed with sprinkles, with your frosting covered teddy.

Childhood is when you’re best friend is the girl you met in the waiting room of your dentist’s office, and by tomorrow you’ll have moved on.

Childhood is when the most exciting thing is going out with your parents for a day full of bonding! How nice.

Childhood is a dream. Everything is sugar coated with a cherry on top, so surreal.

It is playing house with your friends, but never wanting to be the mommy because that means you have to be MARRIED, to a BOY! Gross.

It is where our guardian angels reside, making sure we stay within our limits and boundaries. There’s always a fluffy cloud to break our fall.

Childhood is like a kiddie pool. Shallow with little depth, but lots of fun. Our parents leave us there, knowing we’ll be fine, but they still keep a catious look out for us. After a while we realize the big kids get to do cooler things. And most of the time we want to graduate from the kiddie pool before we know how to swim. Most of us get out too fast. And when we’re not ready to jump into the deep end, we drown.

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