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March 18, 2010
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My hair was to the top of my pants and I loved it really suited me I could do anything with it put it in a pony tail turn around and slap people I did not like with it. I could leave it down and have it bounce around as I run down the halls to my next class; I could curl it when I was going somewhere nice. Then I learned that some cancer patients could not do any of that and it was because they had no hair. I was in total awe when I heard that they did not have any hair I felt bad too having all this hair. I asked my mom if there was something I could do she looked on the internet and found Locks for Love. I asked what they did my mom told me If you cut off ten or more inches of your hair they make it into wigs for people who don’t have hair. I was very scared to cut off my hair, I loved my hair it was who I was a huge part of me when I went to go have it cut off I was shaking I was excited and nervous at the same time. I sat in the chair and I told the hairstylist that I wanted to do Locks of Love. She then told me that it was a great cause and I was extremely excited. The hairstylist then divided my hair into four ponytails and then she told me “this is it, after I start there is no going back” I shakily said to cut it off she started and she took the hair and laid it on the table in front of me it was so long, ten inches, I was amazed she finished cutting off the rest of my hair. Then the stylist cut off the rough edges I got up and I felt so much lighter and I felt good I had done something great for someone who was in need. About two and a half years later I had my hair cut again this time to eleven inches. My sister had also donated her hair twice together we donated forty one inches of hair enough for about eight wigs my sister and I always feel a lot better about ourselves when we donate our hair it is something I plan to do all my life. I hope that you already have or are going to start donating your hair.

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