To Write Love on there arms

March 17, 2010
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The line has been made on the fragile skin. The pain that inside comes out of that thin line. My life goes down. Down, Down. I fell of the cliff. You pushed me, but I trusted you. I trusted you to know, to understand. I was wrong about you. I was wrong about the whole thing. My trust is gone. I thought you were the one, but I am a silly little girl. A pretty stupid girl to believe that your words were true.

Forever! Is just a word, now has no meaning. It sucks to put your life at stake. It sucks to put your all in one person that can easily take it away. That’s where I am at. I have nothing. I use a knife to get out my anger, but that’s not the way. There is a better way.
I got knocked down to my knees. My body hurts, and I’m bleeding everywhere. I wrap it up. I know this isn’t right, but it feels so good, it feels right.

It the last time. The last time I will ever do that. I will not put my life in someone else’s hands. I will not let my guard down. I put up the wall around my heart that keeps me safe knowing no one will hurt me like you did.

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