March 12, 2010
By cherryberry BRONZE, Wittmann, Arizona
cherryberry BRONZE, Wittmann, Arizona
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Do you know of somebody that use to be there for you each day and each minute to count. the somebody that you felt safe with that you can do anything with without getting in trouble. the somebody you wish you will never loose your whole entire life time. well this is about that somebody I did loose. still my bestfriend. but, I am afraid of him now because everything I do I get into deep trouble. I am not in his heart anymore and I dont think I ever will be again. the whole reason he has to see me is because of one reason. its not that ive changed its that he has changed. the whole reason he has changed is because one mistake. but, its not a mistake to him. he cant even stand to look at me anymore. but, its okay because i remember the fun loving person he use to be. I really wish he could be himself again. because I miss the person he use to be. but, its done and changed now. so its time to live past the whole time i knew him.

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