My Greates Fear in Life

March 13, 2010
By adog11 BRONZE, Milford, Massachusetts
adog11 BRONZE, Milford, Massachusetts
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Everyone finds themselves faced with day to day fears. For teenagers, it may be passing that Biology test, or for adults paying the electric bill, but everybody of all ages has that one fear that is constantly nagging them.

My greatest fear in life is losing my sister, Julia. I can’t describe my relationship with her. It’s sweeter than lemonade on a hot summer day, and closer then peanut butter is to jelly. Julia has taught me what it means to love. She has taught me how to be selfless, and giving. She brings out the best in me and I am finally the person I want to be when I am in her presence.

As my sister and I grow up, our relationship continues to grow and change. We are no longer the little girls dressed in the same outfits playing Barbies that we used to be. I will always remember the time when we promised each other we would go to the same college because we didn’t ever want to be apart. As our future comes nearer, I still hold on to that promise, wishing it would be true. I am afraid of life without her. I am afraid to be alone, to not have someone I can crawl into bed with and cry, or to talk about what boy smiled at who. As much as things stay the same, I know that they will change.

I try and deal with this fear by enjoying all of the time I have with her now. I remind myself that even though we may not be living together, we will always be just a phone call away. I try to learn that sometimes “distance makes the heart grow fonder” and I see my friends relationships with their siblings in college. I know that where ever I may be, she will always be too. Because the biggest part of me is and will always be made up of her.

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