Addicted To People

March 12, 2010
By savannahhope11 SILVER, Pflugerville, Texas
savannahhope11 SILVER, Pflugerville, Texas
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"without god you can beome the person you never wanted to be"

We need someone to sweep us off our feet, to take us away to another place. We believe this place is too hard to live in but it really isn’t. There are people out there dying from AIDS that they were born with. There are people getting killed because they believe there something more than this world.

The world is a scary place. The world is dangerous. We all need a hand to help us up. We all need to be the hand that helps others up. What do we do when we know someone needs help but they never ask for it? Do we help them out or wait for them to ask us?

Hero! You are my hero! you were there even when I didn’t ask for it. You saved me from my hurting self. You brought me back up on my feet.

We are addicted to people. We all need someone to save us, to talk to us, to be with us. We are not made to be alone. Lonely is the worst feeling known to man. Lonely is empty. Lonley is death.

We need people to help us, to be with us, to save us. What are friends for anyway? Friends make everything better. They help us even when we don’t ask for it. They give us advice even when we don’t need it. They tell the truth even when we don’t want it.

We are addicted to these people. They are my friend without them we are nothing.

The author's comments:
This was about a conversation with one of my friends who said we are addicted to people.

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