don't touch her.

March 11, 2010
By juliastarr210 BRONZE, New York, New York
juliastarr210 BRONZE, New York, New York
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"everything is going to be okay in the end. if its not okay, its not the end."

why do they look happy?

they shouldn't be happy..

stop right there..
don't get any closer to her. please! stop! i beg you. don't touch her.

you don't need her, you won't want her.

you're going to start a family with her, and then they're not going to be good enough for you. and you're going to leave. you're going to find something better. something you would prefer over us.. plain old us.

but it will be okay for you of course, because you're going to find a new, beautiful, young wife.. almost young enough to be my sister. and then you and your perfect wife are going to have two new perfect kids. to replace those other two kids who weren't good enough for you.

but obviously, your going to be too lazy to go through ALL that paperwork first, so.. whatever. what is marriage any ways? a piece of paper is not going to stop you from being with your perfect wife.


and then you, and your perfect wife, and your perfect kids are going to move into a perfect little house. oh and guess what? you might even have a perfect little dog too!

so have a great life dad, but please.. don't ever ask my why i'm angry with you.

i wonder why you tell me that its fine to see the person you love and look up too most in this world suffer terribly. so just leave her alone to cry every night, her arms hugging the toilet seat, attempting to keep the contents of her stomach... in her stomach.

leave all three of us alone, to live our quiet lives, thinking about what it would have been like waking up every morning with you under our roof.

and now, all i'm asking of you, all that i've ever asked of you, just please..

don't touch her.

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