I Just Want to Play

March 13, 2010
By SirWolfgang SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
SirWolfgang SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
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"The person you love and the person who loves you are never, ever the same person."

I have heard that Children sometimes come from a type of bird, but I came from a truck, along with at least ten others like me. I never remembered any sort of bird. The truck came to a stop, and there were you, Mommy. You and two Children.
You took me home, bathed me, fed me, gave me shelter. At that point, that's all I needed. But now I need more.

My name is not as important to you than my story is. My Mom, my Dad, and my Children used to be so happy together. All of them would pay attention to me, they would constantly take me outside and play with me.
I've aged seven years since my Mommy left the house. I always hear my Family say that I don't have the brain to remember things, but I'll never forget how interested I was in Mommy. I was always following her around the house.

While my Children are at school, I sit around all day, lying with my friend, the Sun. My Daddy is always sitting in front of a Machine, pressing buttons with his fingers, and even though he hears me walking behind him, Daddy doesn't turn around.

Where is my Mother? She isn't here, and I no longer have anyone to Play with. My Children continue to ask me, "Where's Mommy?". Knowing me, I can't answer them.

It is summertime now, and I'm in the passenger seat of the Moving Machine, and I really need to go Potty. Daddy notices so after I whimper. Daddy stops the Moving Machine, and I am allowed out. I jump back in the car after my business is done, and we drive again.

After what seems like forever, it is nighttime, and the Moving Machine stops. I know this place. The house is big and white; a giant compared to me. This is Grandma and Grandpa's house. Hey come out to the porch, and I hop up the stairs, two at a time.

Grandma and Grandpa welcome me with open arms. Finally, someone to Play with. My Daddy and my Children don't bother taking in our luggage, and we sit and talk.

I'll always love hearing Dad talk. They talk about seeing Mommy, and that he was going away. For the next few days, I was the center of attention. "Play with him," My Grandpa says. "He senses separation soon." They spoke like I wasn't listening. Everyone wanted to play with me. I slept with Daddy like old times. One night, I slept with one of my Children, the oldest one. Whenever he has problems, he talks to me, because I am the best listener in the family.

After that few days, I was taken into the Moving Machine again. This one was different, more comfortable. There was my Mommy, and I was so excited, and happy once again. She was more excited to see the children, so I was left alone for a while. We all got into the Moving Machine, and I was told we were heading to Mommy's house.

This summer had been a boring one for me. The Children always stared at a machine that showed pictures, and my Mommy always worked full days. I would sit there staring at the door, waiting for her to come home. I was occasionally allowed out of the house, but the Family always left me. I always sat there, left to think. Where was my Daddy? Why do I only get to see one Parent at a time? Once again, no one was playing with me. I am eating too much, and not getting enough exercise. I am too overweight; I wish I could just go for a Walk.

It is now the end of the summer. It is a cloudy day, and I am sitting in the back of the Moving Machine with my Children. I take a glance at my Mommy every once in a while, and it seems water is dripping down both sides of her face. My Children tell me we're going to see Daddy, and for that I am excited. The bad part is, I know my Children and Father will not play with me.

My name is Kozmo, and I am the dog of my Family. I always wish I were human, so I could better understand what is happening. I wish I were the center of attention again, like when I was a puppy. I also wish my Parents could be in the same House without yelling, because it scares me. I always run to my Children. Mommy didn't have to move so far away, because I love her just as much as Daddy.

And in the truck that I came from, I had no idea that I would live a life of sitting around, waiting to be Played with. If I knew that, I wouldn't have let them get me. I would have let one of my siblings to get chosen instead.

My name is Kozmo, and I just want to Play.

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