March 4, 2010
Why r guys such pigs for??? The only thing that guys think about at my school is only one thing... i don't need to tell you, you guys know already... Because their is one guy that talks to me like that and he's always wanting me send pix and other stuff to him when everyone knows that i don't do that type of stuff in the first place...

I remember one time i think it was 8th or 9th grade and Calvary went to Knott's and i was hanging out with Anays and Katie and we decided to go on Ghost Rider... And there was a couple and their friend, and they was ahead of us to go on it n let me tell u they was cussing up a storm and when they went on the ride, the couples friend wanted me to go on with him and i didn't want to because of the looks that he was giving me like he wanted to do something with me... I remember Katie saying "Hey i think that guy wants you to go on with him"... I was like "ewww no thanks"... And when the ride started he looks at me and waves goodbye wishing that i was on the ride with him...

I just wish that guys would be more laid back and not worry about those type of things and worry about what we want mean what does the girls want in their relationship rather it's just being friends, being boyfriend and girlfriends, or just some random person off of the street... Guys should respected girl and not only talk to them about...

Well you u get the picture!!!

Please comment n tell me what you think... Thanks for reading

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